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  1. The flat lens and soft diff is the way to go. This will take some prep, so check with your director if the effect is worth the work of if you can introduce the character in another way. The backup solution is to track the classes and use VFX.
  2. Head over to www.steadicamoperators.com they will tell you the same thing. If you can't afford a Steadicam, dollies and jobs are cheap. It will look better on a jib than with a bad steadicam operator.
  3. Two things about cold weather for the camera. Keep the batteries warm. Try to keep the charged batteries inside a car to keep them warm an cover the battery on the camera with something (aluminum foil or black wrap) you can also ad a hand warmer. Cold batteries deplete faster. Keep your lens cold. Open your lens case to get the lens to the ambient temperature as soon as possible. Otherwise they they will fog out. Tips for yourself. Get some cut off gloves to put under your big gloves. Like that you can't weak all the little knobs without freezing your whole hand. Thermals, and a good ski jacket and thick boots (with thick soles to isolate you from the ground). Emember you will be idle in the cold for a long time, be prepared.
  4. Hi all, I am offered to work as steadicam operator on an independent feature as Steadicam operator and I am not sure of how much I should ask for daily, shoot should be about a week. I don't own the stead we are going to be using, A Zephir with RED Epic. This would be my first big stead job (other than music videos). Thank you for your help.
  5. Which bring us to the next question: Would you rather change the CT in in the settings (wether on camera or in post), or use CT filters?
  6. http://www.filmsourcing.com/blog/2012/whats-your-place-in-film-industry/# If we follow this chart, we are all baby-faced...
  7. I'm intrigued about the solar solution mentioned above. Can anyone develop on this? Thanks.
  8. I would let them know that they need a good insurance if they refuse to use a rain coat and WILL have to pay for damages to the camera in case of leak and other water damage to the tools. Next day, they'll tell you to get a rain coat.
  9. Patience... That's the thing I always forget to bring with me. Now my patience has the shape of an external battery for my iPhone :) [EDIT]: This is my first post here.
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