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  1. MB14 19mm Swing Away Mattebox MB-14 Set for 19 mm Rods, K0.59971.0 Basic Module: 19 mm K2.42149.0 incl. Filter Stage for 6.6“ x 6.6“ four filters, K4.42217.0 4x filter frames 6.6“ x 6.6“: 2x geared K4.47076.0 2x non-geared K4.47074.0 French Flag Holder, K5.42218.0) [*]Mask Set 18 – 180 mm, K2.42306.0 [*]Flexible drive shaft, K2.34890.0 [*]3-Filter Stage (6.6“ x 6.6“) K2.42287.0 two rotatable as a pair, one rotatable individually all slidable; fits R1 rings with ø 165 mm & F1 Filter Frames [*]6.6“ x 6.6“ Filter frame, geared spare K4.47076.0 [*]2 x 6.6“ x 6.6“ Filter Frame, spare K4.47074.0 [*]4“ x 4“ Filter Stage K2.42293.0 for 2 filters 4x 4“ and one round filter 138 mm each rotate and slidable includes 2x 4 x 4“ filter frames [*]Light Shield Set (top+left+right) K0.59972.0 [*]4½“ (114 mm) filter ring [*]6“ filter ring with rubber sleeve [*]2 x Reduction rings K2.65043.0 (ø 80 mm) [*]Comes with hard flight case In good used condition. Has some scuffs and scrapes from general use but everything is in perfect working order. Comes with the following 6.6x6.6 Tiffen Filters: ND3 ND6 ND9 ND1.2 Polarizer $6500 for the whole set up - will consider reasonable offers. Please email me at jacobLdean at gmail dot com with any questions and to request photos. I am located in Johannesburg, South Africa so shipping to the states and abroad will be expensive. This mattebox is not lite. I will take this into consideration when dealing with offers.
  2. Greetings all, Just purchased some Schneider 5.65x5.65 NDs (6,9,1.2) for a really good price ($300). The filters are in great shape, barely used if at all and so far I am very happy with them. They are easier to handle than the larger 6 inch filters and are quite a bit cheaper even at retail price. I knew when purchasing them that they were not a common size and that I would have to buy my own filter trays and that I could only use them in the larger matte boxes. To solve that I am ordering a Bright Tangerine with a 5.65 cartridge with various trays (to accommodate my 4x4s and 4x5.65s). My question is as follows; has anyone experienced limitations regarding these filters as far as sensor size, anamorphic or wide angle coverage goes? A fellow puller seemed very skeptical as to why I would get these filters saying that they had limited coverage. I find that hard to believe as I have been in very few situations that 4x5.65 filters wouldn't cover. Is an inch less all around going to make these filters any less viable than the 6 inch filters? If it covers the lens then it shouldn't be an issue right? My coworker spent a mint on his set of 6.6 filters and I think he may just be trying to degrade the value of my purchase. Cheeky bugger. Thanks in advance for any response. Cheers, Jacob
  3. That is correct Dirk, I am a US citizen. Forgot to mention that part. Still have my passport and I am legal to reside and work in the US.
  4. Greetings All. I currently live and work in Johannesburg, South Africa as a 1st AC and occasionally operate. I have worked on commercials, documentaries, corporates, music videos, short film, TV and some independent features. It has mostly been local content but I have had the opportunity on working on some international TV and doccies, mostly UK stuff. After living here in South Africa for the past 10 years, my wife and I have made the decision to move to the States. Having had a child 3 years ago, we decided that we would prefer to raise him in the US rather than here. I love South Africa but the crime and other concerns have become too much. Though I am originally from the States I have not worked in the film industry there. It was after arriving here that I fell into it, fell in love with it and now don't want to leave it. I know that the industry here is quite different from its American counterpart. We have no unions and even though I am mainly a 1st AC, I have an agent that finds a lot of my work for me. I would say about 80% of working professionals here in South Africa utilize agents and crew houses to find work for them. Although about 40-50% of my personal work comes from the contacts that I have established, my agent is very helpful in resolving issues with production, getting me good rates and finding me quality work. Our decision to move to the States has raised a lot of questions for me. I can't imagine doing any other job, ever. In the short time that I have been in the industry I have made a lot of progress and I believe that comes from the love that I have for what I do. I am expecting to have to start over when I arrive there; I doubt that opportunities to pull on TV show will crop up when I land at the airport. Below are my long winded questions. I thank you all in advance for taking the time to read them, I know it can be painful. 1. Has anyone had a similar experience moving from a somewhat isolated region of the film industry to the states? If so and there is any advice to share please do. 2. Unions. We don't have them here, at least not in the film industry, so the rules and regulations seem a bit foreign to me. Any resources to help me navigate this would be helpful. I know that this forum is one of them but others could be useful as well. Mostly, how do I join? 3. Busy regions. Though it would be great to work on a big Hollywood production or TV series, that is not my main motivation. My main motivation is my desire to get better at what I do and I believe that can be achieved by working in a variety of situations, various styles of production and formats and working with other talented and committed crew. But to do this I need to be busy. I'm never against travel but it would be helpful if I lived in an area that has a variety of opportunities and somewhat steady flow of productions happening on various levels. I've thought about Chicago (because I once lived there and enjoyed the city), Louisiana, and of course New York or Southern California. Any advice on these areas or others that I have yet to consider would be greatly appreciated. 4. What are the best resources for work? Having an agent and working in a small area with a lot of productions usually means that the work kind of lands on my lap. I have a couple of handfuls of local DPs that I work with on a regular basis and they keep me quite busy throughout the year. I know that networking is a huge part of it here and I presume that it is on that side of the world too. That being said, I work with a lot of DPs that I have never met in my life and those usually come from production companies calling my agent and requesting a puller. I have seen some websites that allow you to post your resume and browse for jobs but they never seem to be that active; unless production companies simply go online and browse through the postings and call people direct. 5. What are the chances that Mitt Romney is actually going to become president? Thanks again for any advice. Jacob Dean
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