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  1. Hi all, I just got Davinci Resolve Lite 9 and have been playing around with it and I must say it is AMAZING compared to the in-house color tools in Premiere (which are still great in themselves). My question is on workflow... SO I have my project completely edited in Premiere. All the cuts are there but none of the coloring has been done. I want to now color these clips in Davinci. What are the steps I need to take so that when I pull up Davinci I am only coloring the clips that are used in my project and not the hundreds of other unused clips? Please help!
  2. Relatively new to color grading film. I've been a photographer and retoucher/color corrector for years so transitioning has had a lot of similarities and some technical differences. My question is about pushing digital content (in particular footage from a Canon 5D MKII) to have a more film-like appearance. Some of my favorite cinematographers have that minimal contrast look (faded shadows and faded highlights), which has been easy to achieve with good flat footage. Moving though to color grading is different. What I feel like I'm seeing is that there are some magentas in some of the highlights and then a bit of cyan/green hues in the shadows, subtle but some sort of cast is there. For those that have worked directly with film can anyone confirm this? Anyone care to elaborate or have further discussion on this, probably, overly discussed topic? EDIT: Because I know this can lead to some vague ideas as to what style I am referencing, in particular I really enjoy Harris Savides' work on Elephant.
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