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  1. one a separate note both Tacita Dean and Ben Rivers have shot films on 16mm with wonderful results I am so intrigued by this format despite its inherent difficulties with focus etc..Its all worth it for the end results I didnt like mother! but i enjoyed the cinematography a great deal, i believe it is one of the best looking films of the year and perhaps Matthew's best work - M.L is really a master of super 16mm
  2. I was watching Tokyo Ga and was wondering if that was shot on 16mm I have a feeling it was 35mm I am always interested in any film shot on REGULAR 16mm and some of the best regular 16mm work is from Fassbinder - World on a Wire and Berlin Alexanderplatz i believe Fox and Friends and ...HERR R AMOK and RIO DAS MORTES.. Baal and one more which escapes me I wonder if Jean Rollin shot in 16mm?
  3. This is exciting Looks fantastic ! I wonder what lens was used?
  4. UPDATE Both the BL-4 and IIC have been sold I still have some spare gates for the IIC 1:66 / 1:85 / 1:33 / 1:37 ( $50 for the widescreen $25 for the 1:33 and 1:37 ) I have a few left My Kinor 35mm package is still for sale and I have lowered the price to $3500 https://www.ebay.com/itm/282741216109?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  5. I have several Minette S-5's and a S4 which is great if your interested PM me
  6. I thought this was the best movie of 2017 and one the best looking films I have seen in a while although I saw Phantom Thread yesterday and enjoyed that. I didnt like mother! but the cinematography was superb
  7. I am lowering my asking price 3800 this includes shipping worldwide I open to any offers so if your interested in owning a 35mm sync sound camera with multiple 400ft magazines and 1000ft magazines please feel free to contact me this camera was modified and runs crystal sync Thank you
  8. still up for sale make me an offer :D https://www.ebay.com/itm/282741216109?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  9. Thank you @Samuel :D good luck with your sale! it is very attractive
  10. I have reduced the price to $6000.00 and I will do FREE shipping and handling within the USA
  11. ARRIFLEX BL-4 CAMERA SYSTEM - PL MOUNT STUNNING ARRIGLOW! 35MM + SUPER 35MM twist the PL MOUNT JERGEN VIDEO TAP 3x1000ft magazines 2x400ft magazines long viewfinder extension handgrip XLR wires Excalibur Travel Cases for: Arriflex BL-4 body/video tap/xlr wires/handgrip/extension for long viewfinder 1000ft magazines 400ft magazines $6500.00 Free shipping and handling Local Pick Up NYC
  12. I am asking for $6500.00 on eBay right now I am open to offers please feel free to contact me
  13. Still for sale I have lowered the price I am now asking for $4000 PM so I can send photos of my gear
  14. Up for grabs is my Kinor 35C modified by Anders Banke This camera system has modern crystal sync speeds, video tap, follow focus and more. This camera is in excellent condition I have 4x400ft magazines 3x1000ft Spare fuses and belts Long viewfinder Short viewfinder I will include 600ft of re-cans and a changing bag for film $5000 message me for pictures my photos are too large for the upload. Tonight I am going to create a FLICKR account just to upload all the pictures of my Cine gear for sell I am also selling my ARRIFLEX BL-4 and ARRIFLEX IIC with Cine 60 Blimp I am open to local pick up I am looking to sell so feel free to MBO
  15. Cassavettes* http://www.cinephiliabeyond.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/tumblr_n7fqy3v42l1rovfcgo5_1280.jpg I am asking for $7000- everything in this package is MINT I am open to offers. I would like most of to see it go to a good home :D
  16. Arriflex IIC with 1:85 Ground Glass Cine 60 Blimp Housing MINT with extension bellows for zoom lens usage Cine 60 Blimp Flat motor base Follow Focus which attaches to turret allowing usage in and out of the blimp Precision Camera Video Tap which works with any Arriflex viewfinder be it 16mm or 35mm Vintage Mint condition Arriflex Travel Cases for Blimp,camera,and magazines Four Spare gates for the Arriflex IIC: 1:85 / 1:33 / 1:37 / 1:66 Cine 60 Battery Belt Arriflex Constant Speed Motor Arriflex Crystal Sync Motor Base Spare Arriflex Door (2x200ft mags) (6x400ft mags) Arriflex XLR wires for Motor(s) Spare Ground Glass Off Set Viewfinder attachment - Mint Arriflex Lube Pen Similar set Kubrick used during the production of Clockwork Orange. I have seen Cassettes use the blimp as well. anyone interested in purchasing this rare piece of 35mm cinematic engineering please contact me. I can send photographs of my gear. I am parting ways with the bulk of my 35mm cameras.
  17. Filmmakers! I am clearing out some gear I used this spring/early summer on project that has wrapped. Up for grabs is an ARRIFLEX IIC with a BNCR mount and a video tap from Precision Camera that easily screws onto any ARRIFLEX style viewfinder. (works with 16mm and 35mm) I am also offering a spare door, a vintage Arriflex shoulder mount, 600ft of film ( recans ) 3 spare gates ( 1:66 / 1:37 / and 1:85 ) on top of the gate installed in the camera. I will be offering TWO motors for the camera both of which are constant speed motors. I will offering up TWO 400ft magazines. I will also include some power cords and a CINE 60 belt. I can provide pictures and can schedule a video conference if your inclined. I also have other spare gates for ARRIFLEX IIC cameras such as 1:37 / 1:85 / 1:66 I am will be listing various film gear as I purge. If your interested please PM #shootfilm p.s I can ship worldwide
  18. Greetings I am doing some Spring cleaning/clearing and I am parting ways with My Konvaii. (Plural for multiple Konvas cameras?) Anyway, here is is what I have left of my gear: Konvas 2M 35mm camera body - UBER NICE / CLEAN - 1993 - 1:37 gate - viewfinder: GOOD Konvas 2M 35mm camera body - UBER NICE / CLEAN - 1993 - 1:37 gate - viewfinder: GOOD 17AK-EP CRYSAL SYNC MOTOR #1 - GOOD 17AK-EP CRYSAL SYNC MOTOR #2 - METAL CHIPPED - SEE PHOTO # SPARE FUSES FOR SYNC MOTORS Sound barney for Konvas 2M CAMERA BODY, 200FT/60M MAGAZINE, 400FT/120M MAGAZINE and 17AK-EP CRYSAL SYNC MOTOR NON SYNC MOTOR FRENCH FLAG #1 FRENCH FLAG #2 KOMPEDIUM MATTE BOX #1 KOMEPDIUM MATTE BOX #2 UP DOWN CONVERTER BATTERY 3 PIN XLR - NEEDS RE-CELLING - ANAMORPHIC GATE MEDIUM FORMAT LENS ADAPTER M42 LENS ADAPTER CHANGING BAG 600FT OF RE CAN FILM - KEPT IN MY FILM FRIDGE DIRECTOR'S VIEWFINDER 4X 400FT MAGAZINES - 2: MINT 2: USED 60FT MAG - GOOD 2X SCREW ON HANDLE FOR STEADY HAND HELD WORK. $1200 shipping will be in 3 large boxes http://www.ebay.com/itm/282393879383?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/itm/282396634065?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  19. I have a moviskop that needs to be fixed. How is the Magnasync 16mm viewer? I her tell of how superior it is to all other viewers.
  20. Wow! My sincerest gratitude cannot be expressed by my words. Thank you gentlemen for passing along your scholarship of this machinery.
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