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  1. Robin, I know you have your tongue partly in your cheek with a somewhat sardonic air but as an engineer in broadcast with thirty years of yet more bloody advanced technology hype in imaging, etc I’d like to contest the ideas in your post. There is no such thing as one technology being more advanced than another. Heating water with a either wood fire or a Gen 3 reactor is simply doing the same thing with two different tools. So it goes with cmos imaging chips and silver halide crystals stochastically distributed across an emulsion. For me, personally, after thirty years of staring at both under controlled conditions I just like film. I enjoy video (the term ‘digital’ just causes me to snigger but I understand why it is widely used) and it can be used in all sorts of neat ways but to say one technology is superior to another........oh, purlease!
  2. Get in line Heikko! There are lot’s of us who want to take that 416, etc with attendant rolls to ‘recycling’....... As to emulsion, yep it’s sooo dead, we keep buying it off Kodak because we feel so sorry for them that they haven’t realised they are ghosts....... Sad really.
  3. The thoughtlessness concerned the situation where a person died because people in authority put pressure on his throat......for around eight minutes.......despite the dying man gasping out that he couldn’t breath.....
  4. This is an extremely thoughtless choice of words given the singular event that has triggered off the recent series of world wide protests and I write this as a middle aged, middle class, straight white male. As a middle aged, middle class, straight, white male in an industry dominated by a set of white, middle and upper class people of both sexes very sure that they are entitled to make decisions for the rest of us I don’t feel under siege. However, people who have enjoyed a certain status conveyed on them by a particular group may feel any such ephemeral status may be under threat. And I can understand if another group in pushing against against exclusion decides they can do without my status and help even if it’s uncomfortable for me. It’s a matter of being able to change and open to change and I can see in my middle aged, middle class self how difficult I find it is to change. I can’t speak for the film industry nor can I speak for the worldwide television industry but my observation from years in UK, Australian and to a lesser extent US television, is that there is an over representation of very conservative people where received wisdom on how things are is the prevailing intellectual outlook.
  5. Uli, there must still be hundreds of 35mm projectors lying around in storage across the country. I should wander down to the cinema museum at Elephant and Castle and ask them where they would look for projectors as they have a whole collection dating back over a hundreds years. However, you are right, its time to consider moving from London especially if contemplating one’s own 35mm projector in the front living room.....
  6. When you say NZ was told 80K deaths who told you this? Was it the only figure you were told and were you told it was definitely going to be 80k or was it one number in a range of official projections? How do you know it is a lie, what information did you have at the time that showed it was scientifically wrong? As Uli has pointed out knowledge of this virus has been limited and is changing by the day as scientists ignore the noise and get on with unravelling what makes this virus tick. It could just be that the NZ government is made up of rational types who didn’t want people to die and made decisions based on the best information they had. Take my home country, even the brigands in office in Canberra had to take account of rationality and compassion (two things very difficult for them). However, the usual suspects have been calling for science to be ignored and if a ‘few’ people have to be sacrificed then they will be glad to sacrifice them (I kid you not) for the greater good of restoring the flow of readies into the trouser pockets of those who tell you they deserve lots and lots of readies.
  7. Only in parts of Florida. The science is telling the governor of Florida to keep restrictions in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/96dd742462124fa0b38ddedb9b25e429/. https://covidtracking. and that pink commie newspaper. https://www.ft.com/content/a26fbf7e-48f8-11ea-aeb3-955839e06441 https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/plan-for-floridas-recovery/
  8. Might turn out to be so but there is no science behind your assertion, its nowt better than a guess.
  9. Richard, Does the CDC information say something like this: .....all vaccines have the same results as current flu vaccines........ ? As I said previously: It does not follow.
  10. Two DS8s’, the nearer one - 1:1 shaft. Hoping an economical pathway to Ektachrome or vision 3 DS8 stock emerges till then relying on Fomapan and stock stored in the fridge (haven’t tried Kahl).
  11. The link to that page on the CDC website would be useful. However, you cannot use Flu vaccines as an example unless you can show that any ‘future’ vaccine for Covid -19 will have the same efficacy. To paraphrase: it does not follow.
  12. Sky News is the Australian Fox news mini-me, not to be taken seriously. As to Sweden, its a different society from North America and anyway they are all commies in Sweden and law abiding commies at that.
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