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  1. Critiques welcome! https://vimeo.com/115936282 Cheers!
  2. The director and I took the concept of B - Horror Films and many horror films from the 80's as an inspiration for the film, and then thought what if we did what Grind House films do (Double Feature), but with music videos instead. We shot on 5219 Pushed a stop for the grim reaper sequences and Canon C300, I wanted to embrace the idea of contrasting the formats within the story. The concept came first and then we asked a variety of bands and ended up with four. In order: White Lies Casket Girls PTA (People's Temple of America) Sleepy Cheese I would love to hear your critiques on the music video. Thanks and Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/110548281
  3. In Chicago, they have a 70MM festival at the Music Box Theater every year. This past year they screened Patton, Lawrence of Arabia, Vertigo, The Master, 2001, and a couple of others. http://www.musicboxtheatre.com/festivals/son-of-70mm-film-festival
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