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  1. Looking to buy the complete shoulder set and handle grips for the 435. Let me know!
  2. Hello all, I am looking for Kodak 5219/ Fuji 8547 Recans, Short ends and factory sealed. If you have any/know where I can get them please let me know. I've already checked with the major resellers.
  3. Los Angeles. They are both 1.78 Tv Also thanks, some of your posts have helped me in the past.
  4. For sale is my Arri 435es Free shipping anywhere in the world you'd like. I took a Job in England and can't take the camera with me. Very complete package in outstanding condition. Camera was recently completely overhauled with new electronics and circuits. It was just recently serviced by factory trained technicians and has not been used since. Included with the package are two 24v batteries which I just had completely re celled. It includes: (2) 24v Batteries Arri BP-8 Baseplate w rods Arri Dovetail IVS Color Video Tap NTSC Ground Glass & Glow Mask Extension Eyepiece Eyepiece Heater Cup Remote Control Unit 1 Finder Block 24v Power Cable RCU Cable - Long RCU Cable - Short Carrying Handle Short Eyepiece Eyepiece Heater Cable Lens Port Cap RS Block 24v RS Block 12v Silent Lens/IVSRS Mag Port Cover (1) 435 1000' Magazine (4) 435 400' Magazines Price $4000 USD
  5. Hello all, Anyone have an Arricam ST package for sale? Or know where I can find one? Thanks, James
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