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  1. Hey guys, please take a look at this reel and let me know if it is close to be ready for job applications. Or should I wait and build it more.. Just looking for honest opinions. https://vimeo.com/73787855
  2. here is the first segment of this little TV Show im doing to practice with some gear I just got. Feel Free to give me some Pointers for upcoming episodes.. I have shot 5 segments already. Please subscribe if you enjoy it :) thanks for the help guys
  3. Awesome Thanks for all the advice, I will definitely keep pushing forward, I love the idea of finding some established production companies and trying to get there notice. I honestly want to learn more through the whole process even if that entails handing the show over and interning for it or something. I just have a thirst to get in the business anyway possible and learn more. Its all about that OJT ! Thanks guys
  4. Thanks for the quality Advice, I will do that I am not easily shaken. The problem I am running into is just finding contact info for people so I can try but like you said that is just determination and I will continue to ravage the internet untill I do.. Thanks man !!
  5. I see what your saying here with the "Seed film" I actually did that got tired of all the going back and forth and ended up just making a Pilot episode on my own dime. But now i cant figuer out what my next move is, Im having a hard time finding anyone to even look at it. Before I made it at least there was a templet for what I need to do but now Im at a loss looking all over the internet to try and find contacts but no joy. SEEMs like I have to know someone in the production game.. Any suggestions ? ( Sorry if this is alittle off topic.
  6. Awesome thanks for the help. Im gonna go ahead and move forward, try and find someone interested in the idea. In the mean time I may also start shooting the second episode.. AFM Looks pretty amazing, the problem I am going to encounter is not being established. But nothing comes easy .
  7. DO you think its a good idea to try and find some kind of an agent first? I have been looking around and I guess i should just sent the pilot to them and try and sell the idea to them first.. Im a 24 year old Door gunner for the army who just picked up a camera in July of 2012, So i dont really have to much exp. with the whole business. But I would love to get more involved..
  8. WOW Guys thanks for all the Feedback, Wonderful stuff. Thanks Christopher ! I Love you feedback I will definetally review your comments before shooting again.. I am debating with the idea of shooting the next episode or holding off for awhile, I got my canon 7d in July of 2012, So i feel like i have learned so much during the proccess of the first Episode, I wanna test myself again and see if I can have noticable improvement Plus I have a little more of a budget now ( Frist ep cost $130 dollars not including camera stuff of course). The actor is actually my little brother so there will be no quitting haha
  9. So I very new to the whole world of Cinematography and directing. But I started working for a wedding production company. Got a 7d and a 55mm 1.8. For practice started a short story which turned into a pilot ep. Looking for some criticisms and productive comment.. What do you think we should do with the project ? Festivals, competitions Nothing, pitch.. After watching it a thousand times while learning to edit I think I degraded the film. Shot in 2 months Shot on one camera Canon 7d With 2 Lenses 50mm 1.8 and a 35mm cine.. Mono pod and a tri. Thanks guys Trailer- Full pilot-- Password is --- bird
  10. Yeah I would agree, Its more along the lines of an idea what we shot to provide a showcase for what the show could be like.. Again that was just the trailer. The orginal Pilot is 32 min.. I just dont know how to go about possible sending it to a agent should I write 10 scrips first or would that be a waste of time..
  11. So I wrote a short film idea for the soul reason of practicing with my equipment. Anyways after We started shooting it turned out to much more then that and now we have a completely finished pilot episode and two more episodes written up.. Is there a market for already completed pilot episodes ? And what would be some advice you guys have to give ... Should I try to pitch, or stick to festivals etc. Thank guys You can check out the trailer http://Vimeo.com/57556662
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