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  1. Hi there, I'm curious what everyones preferred throw is when operating solo and having to pull your own focus on a follow focus in a documentary type setting? I'm asking because I'm prepping for a doc where things will be a bit unpredictable and trying to decide which gears and swing arm to use to get to an ideal 'general use' setup. For me, 1 turn on the follow focus knob (or 360 deg) can get a bit hard on the wrist on a long pull, and is sometimes hard to track on a fast follow... so I'm starting to lean towards less than a turn of the follow focus knob for close focus to infinite... maybe 270. Seems to me that cinema lenses with their 270 or 300 degree focus throws on the barrel, whilst ideal for a narrative setting with an experienced puller, actually sometimes have too much throw when operating and pulling focus solo (considering 300 degree on the barrel of a large-diameter/tooth lens usually equates to over a turn of the knob on the follow focus depending on gear and swing arm). This also got me to wondering on a large-scale narrative movie, is there a general throw focus pullers aim for generally? I guess it is dependent on the shot, but let's say for just a 'normal' shot with no extreme whips etc. would they generally map the entire focus movement from close to infinite to one turn of the knob on a wireless unit? How does this work with manual follow focus units? Correct me if I'm wrong, but like I mentioned above, on a manual follow focus, even on a 1:2 arm with a large tooth gear you're still getting probably a bit over a turn of the focus knob to get from close to infinite on most lenses (unless they are really small diameter). Thanks 🙂
  2. I'm selling this used Easyrig Cinema 3 with 5" extended arm (rated 17-24lbs). I've installed the new easyrig quick release to it, and it comes with the 3 extra ball studs as seen here - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1410621-REG/easyrig_erig_ea033_q_quick_release_camera_hook.html I also had a new line installed when I installed the quick release, so functionally this unit is as new. Comes with a spare line, and the original Easyrig hook as well. I got this with the backpack style Easyrig bag instead, as I prefer carrying it that way personally, fits great. Asking $3000 USD or $4000CAD within North America + shipping. I am located in Vancouver, BC, but head to the U.S. often. I'd prefer to use transferwise if possible, but paypal works too potentially. Feel free to shoot me any questions, thanks!
  3. Looking to sell this like new Misfit Atom. I bought two a few months ago for a project, and only need one now. As you probably know, these are amazingly lightweight, well built, and functional. I am located in Vancouver, BC, but work often in the U.S., so can easily ship within North America. Asking $300 USD or $400 CAD plus shipping; I'll cover pp fees.
  4. Hello, I am looking to sell the following items. I am willing to possibly split into different package prices, depending on need. I am looking for 2600 for everything below. Everything is in excellent condition. Bmmcc original price $995.00 Asking $750.00 https://bhpho.to/2y8CVWf Rawlite olpf - orig. price $350.00 asking $250.00 http://rawlite.com/ Bmpcc speedbooster ef Original price - $649.00 Asking - $475.00 https://bhpho.to/2nh2Rst One little remote lite Original price - $189.00 Asking - $125.00 https://amzn.to/2JNnNPh Smallrig Bmmcc cage Original Price - $79.00 Asking - $50.00 https://bit.ly/2l9SvaX Shijan angle hdmi clamp Original price - $30.00 Asking - $20.00 https://bit.ly/2JEDTyL NPF bridge Starving Artist Original price - $29.00 Asking - $20.00 https://bit.ly/2l9DJ3C 2 x Sandisk 128GB card Original price - $129.90 Asking - $90.00 https://bhpho.to/2iaZlNI 2 x NPF-970 battery Original price - $251.98 Asking - $180.00 https://bhpho.to/2fg0Ho4 NPF battery charger Original price - $34.90 Asking - $25.00 https://amzn.to/2sVxeGe 3 x LP-E6 battery Original price - $192.00 Asking - $140.00 https://bhpho.to/2bjAhOs LC-E6 battery charger Original price - $52.95 Asking - $40.00 https://bhpho.to/2bwFGnu Alphatron EVF Original price - $1,395.00 Asking - $500.00 https://www.filmtools.com/alphatron-...f-035w-3g.html Subtotal Original Price - $4,377.73 Subtotal Asking Price - $2,665.00
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