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  1. On Instagram Shtrihfilm seems to be now a vocal supporter of Russian invasion, Z's and all...
  2. Sure, I can see those. And as you say, one has to look for it, it isn't really distracting at all in my opinion. But then again, if you are going to shoot 400T after having kept that in the freezer for 7-9 years, your expectations must not be that high to begin with 😉 which is exactly why I don't pixel.. err... grain peep my Fuji scans. If I want something pristine (and have the budget for that), fresh film it is.
  3. Back in 2013 I bought about 12 x 400ft Fuji (Eterna 64D, 250D, Vivid 250D, 400T). During the years I stored all of it in the freezer and took out of freezer only when I was about to shoot something. I really haven't seen any issues. I'll probably shoot the last roll, 64D, this summer.
  4. Looking for the dome attachment to Spectra P-251 analog light meter 🙂
  5. I think some people on Photrio would probably know the answer to this question: https://www.photrio.com/forum/
  6. Following the discussion on Facebook, there are several people who have indicated that they would be willing to buy two of them just to get it into production. They are professionals who use super-8 for their own work and seem very committed. But who knows how big share of those who backed away are professionals and how many "prosumers".
  7. Just out of curiosity, in what price range would you estimate a clone of Eclair ACL would go these days? https://eclaircameras.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/eclair-acl-parcat.pdf
  8. I have now tested every iteration of Eclair ACL viewfinders there are: The early small Angenieux, the small Kinoptik that came next, the orientable Angenieux and the orientable Kinoptik. Nothing. My Geiger counter doesn't detect alpha particles, but as evidenced by the Switar that had slightly radioactive elements in it, there would be beta particles as well if the viewfinder lenses had radioactivity. I really wonder where this rumor came originally from, but it doesn't seem to be based on any reality.
  9. He has an ACL of mine for S16 conversion currently so rest assured, he hasn't retired yet! 😉
  10. Les has quite much work but is also very difficult to reach with email. I recommend you call him and ask how long queue he has. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any other machine shops offering PL (or other) adapters for ACL - however, if Les doesn't have time you should ask if companies such as Visual Products or Du-All have any in their inventory.
  11. I'm in Europe so I have had film prints made by both "Color by DeJonghe" and Andec - I think you'll get good service at Fotokem too if they have the service available :)
  12. It won't look bad, but it will look quite warm. If you have a digital camera, set it to daylight setting and take photos with tungsten lights to see how it'll look approximately. How about you buy some Vision3 200T and have a one-light work print made from it? I have been shooting 16mm home movies on negative and went that route -- works great and looks great on projector!
  13. If someone's interested, here's Daniil's interview that was made before he was forced to emigrate from Russia. The automatic subtitles from Russia to English aren't exactly exact, but I found it interesting to watch:
  14. My understanding is that the mirror clearance got smaller in Arri 16BL so many lenses that worked well with Arriflex 16S no longer could be fitted. I would be very careful with using old S-mount lenses with deep protruding elements in SR.
  15. I recommend keeping home movies. Having recently digitized 8mm material that has footage of my father as a teenager in the 1970s, footage like that can be a treasure later. Even if there is video.
  16. It all remains to be seen. There are many things we don't know: Are lock downs going to continue in China? How long does the war continue in Ukraine? When are the logistics issues and raw material price issues going to get solved? How profitable is the motion picture film business vs. other segments of "Advanced materials" business? How much does Kodak need to raise prices? As much as people here don't like business people, it's their job to find the sweet middle road of asking not too low prices and not too high prices; business has to be profitable, but prices can't go too high or you'll lose your customers. They aren't idiots and they very much like getting paid. Motion picture film is still a good business with lots of paying customers (hey, they have currently an issue of having nothing to sell - their product is so loved!) But it's certainly true that things must be difficult for studios too after the pandemic and cinemas having been closed for a long time. Even Netflix is losing customers (I haven't been a customer for some years now, I wasn't too impressed with what they had to offer) but then again, I'm not sure if they have that many shows that are shot on film. Who knows how everything is going to turn out? At times I wonder if there is much content I want to even see myself these days - I myself have been a big fan of many nerdier franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR - but at times it feels that nowadays they are more interested catering to audiences that don't really watch those series anyway than to those who have been fans for a long time. These new shows aren't shot on film either, but if that's the culture these days in studios in general, I guess it can be quite difficult to recoup the investments. Well, that was somewhat off-topic already, but in the end, in regards to the topic we don't know but we'll eventually see. Meanwhile, it's a good idea to shoot on film if you can get your hands on some! 😉
  17. If you look at the Kodak's latest financial report you can see that compared to Q1/2021 their sales revenues are up 25 million dollars but the cost of sales revenue is up 35 million dollars. That's totally unsustainable. The only segment where Kodak has made progress in moving towards profitability in Q1 vs 2021 is Advanced materials which includes MP film. Still, only from loss of 4 million dollars to 3 million. It's likely that one reason why there has been that movement towards profitability in that segment is the price hike. Still, the costs associated with the rising prices of materials and logistics have been keeping them from reaching the profitability yet. Would you sell projects where you yourself lose money to your clients? But well, if it's going to be too expensive to shoot film, ahem, I'm ready to take in all those worthless door stoppers you might have - 435, 235, 416, LT... 😄
  18. Two points: 1) Do the resellers have film to sell? It seems 16mm Kodak film is pretty much sold out currently in Europe. 2) In Finland the price of Diesel has nearly doubled from 1.2 € / litre to 2.3 € / l. It is expected to go over 3 € this Summer. Expensive times ahead!
  19. Simon Wyss, Marie Kondo of Cinematography.com 😉 But joking aside, I think that's some great advice there. Remember: even art galleries have to send some unique art pieces to waste collection. There just isn't space for everything.
  20. Nice to know! I'll probably buy from him an HD tap for my ACL as soon as I have the necessary funds :)
  21. He was there at one point, then he visited Finland and was also servicing cameras in Sweden. Then he was in Armenia. I'd just ask him directly.
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