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  1. Here is my reel. I would love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Anyone taken it before? Would you recommend it?
  3. Deakins himself commented on this question on his website: file:///Users/joshuajones/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202014-06-05%20at%203.08.02%20PM.png
  4. Thank you for all the responses! It's an interesting question. Some cinematographers, such as Roger Deakins, disguise their work so well that it's extremely difficult to tell what is natural and what is artificial. I am member of Mr. Deakins website (as is jeclark2006; that's right, I see you man!) and I can't tell you how many times their have been questions how he lit something and his response is that he didn't. The same is true vice versa. On the other hand, someone like Robert Richardson is overtly stylish and his sources are rarely motivated. I love his work though and many of the films he's worked on are classics. Given, many of his films are overtly stylish in nature, but there are a number of scenes that the motivation is questionable and yet it doesn't seem to matter. I am proud of my work and see growth with every venture, I was just curious to see how you all felt. The DP of LOTR, Andrew Lesnie, was once questioned on a light's motivation and is quoted as saying, "the lighting comes from the same place as the music". That's pretty hilarious. If people aren't distracted by the music, then why should they be by light motivation? haha
  5. Hi guys, How important is motivated light in your work? I often plague myself with trying to create logic around my light sources. However, I watch a lot of b-roll footage of movies, tv shows, etc. and it seems a lot of the lighting has very little logic. I don't think this a bad thing. I am just very conscious about keeping the audiences attention on the story as opposed to what I am doing. It seems by doing this I shoot myself in the foot a lot. I feel if I just lit the way I wanted, without obsessing about it's logic, I sometimes think my work would be better. What do you guys think? I would love to here from David Mullen on this! Thank you very much, Joshua Jones
  6. Any advice on the structure of a reel? Is it best to lump footage from one project next to each other or sprinkle it throughout? I have heard little tips like start out with a shot of a beautiful girl to show you know how to make an actress look good, etc. Any other good rules of thumb? Thanks guys, Joshua Jones
  7. Who else is going this saturday? Can I expect to see any of you ASC members there?
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