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  1. Hi I have a very clean arri 2c for sale it comes with 2 motors 2 400 mags 2 200 mags battery and chager and cabel hi-hat and a Schneider 50mm Lens thats super clean glass, it hat 2 std mounts and 1 bay, mount and its a adj, shuter is very clean im asking 1,200 wich I think is a deal!! For how nice this camer is pleas call my cell at 323 717 5775 or e mail me at awphoto67@Yahoo.com If you want Pix of it Tex me or e mail me ..I di post it on Craigs list L.A. Search under Arriflex to see Pix of it!!!! And im only selling it to buy my friends bl3 once he sell it I will not be selling my baby so hurry so we bouth can win
  2. Hi does anyone have a coppy of the arri 2C repair manual it would help me OS much pleas call me or e mail me. Thanks Tony 323 717 5775 or awphoto67@Yahoo.com
  3. Hi can anybody help me out I need a repair manual for my arri 2C pleas e mail me or call me at 323 717 5775 or awphoto67@Yahoo.com
  4. Hi sandy my name is Tony and i have 3 heli cames for rent with flyer pleas call my cell and we can talk more and thanks tony you can reach me at 323-717-5775 or my e mail is awphoto67@yahoo.com and you can see my helicopter at my facebook page search me under awcinema
  5. Hi to all i have a sweet 35mm eyemo pkg; for sale $600.00 call my cell at 323-717-5775 or e mail me and i shoot you some pix my e mail is awphoto67@yahoo.com and thanks tony
  6. Hi to all i have for sale a ARRIFLEX 16ST for $450.00 its ready to shoot body#14524 that clean with NO! problems. The camera comes with 1 400' mag 1 5000mah ni-mh battery that will run 2000' feet of film on one charage, a Som Berthiot 17-70 ZOOM thats has clean glass no dust no scratch to fungs this is a super clean lens the motor is the vari, type 4-50fps and 2 cables, pleas e-mail me at awphoto67@yahoo.com or tex me only at 323-206-7495 thanks tony you can see photos at craigs list L.A. see web link for photos http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/pho/2494368881.html
  7. Hi guys how can i get one for my cp-16ra?? thanks tony you can reach me at awphoto67@yahoo.com
  8. Tony Wilson

    ACL Problem

    Hi my friend i'm tony and i have a few ac1, And over the years i had to repair them. The problem you are having seams to be the motor losing syc speed. But do your self a favor remove the tripod baes and unplud the bloop light it will be the only 2 pin pulg in the base this littel light in know for shorting out on the body as it goes up in too the camera housing. and check your nhi-cad battery if one or more cells are bad in your battery it could cause the same problem. If your not sure how to remove the base go to my youtub sitetonyn24play)i have tons of tech vids on how to repair the acl.cp16.B&H 70 arriflex 16st and so on.. in 4 days i will put up a video on how to replace the shuter in a ACL.1 camera your welcome to e mail me at awphoto67@yahoo.com Tony
  9. I have several b&h and thay do stop sometimes at a dead spot when thay are dry.A trick ive found remove the lens you will be abel to see the shutter, Hold the run button down then with some thing soft (orange wood stick) try pushing the shutter out fo the dead spot. NOW BE CAREFUL becaus the shutter will start spining rightaway. Now if this does not work i would take it to Alan gorden enterprises www.alangordon.com thay bought out b&h when thay went out of buss: ton's of spera parts for all the 70 da,de,dr,hr,hs cameras, plus on staf thay have a repairman who work at the factory with theas cameras you should give them a call and ask for Tim. Tell him Tony from aw photo sent you.good luck.
  10. sorry abuot that try this one. ON EBAY Item number: 7512088868 just type in this number. This guy sells K-3 all the time on ebay he also has his contact info, listed. He brings them in from the motherland or type in k-3 camera and it will pop up.i must go now an agent is at my door!
  11. Yes if you go to this web site the matrix will be open to you, but you must go now! http--www.k3camera.com-images-ncshead.gif
  12. Yes this man is a good friend and yes he is out of the buss: you must call him becaus when he moved to Floida he sold a lot of stuf off the rest is in storage.So if thair is some thing you want he will have to dig it out he has a lot of hard to find parts.hes semi-retired. he would be happy to help you.
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