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  1. Hello everyone, Thanks for sparing your time. Here I have attached 2 more photos in a single photo.. There we do have a chasing scene, one character will be running all around that place in fear. I have planned to shoot some wide shots too since he runs fast in extreme fear. I wish to finish my shoot in a low budget. That's what I fear about. And, in that image, 1. Image where that character will be running seeing back in extreme fear and running all around. We will be shooting in various angles, since he runs in a speed and runs around, dashes and falling down, an
  2. This is the image which where we have planned.. These were taken in my mobile. So, clarity would be very low. :(
  3. Hello everyone, We are planning to shoot a short film which is based a thriller cum horror subject. We are shooting in 5D Mark III, during night. I don't have any idea of lighting the exteriors during night. So, it would be very helpful if anyone from here says what kinda lights and filters i can use for my shoot. Pls do help me out in this. :) Regards, Dhana sekar.
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