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  1. Although very different in theme and narrative and "genre" you should check out TONY TAKITANI which employs some similar aesthetic techniques, an interesting article about which is here. http://chiaroscurocoalition.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/tony-takitani-and-the-japanese-art-of-understatement/ What I found fascinating about CONFESSIONS was this combination of the meditative "still lifes" with an almost operatic revenge narrative. The aesthetics are not just a formal style imposed on the narrative but integral to the meaning itself. The form and the function are inseparable. Japan
  2. Ok the Oscars would consign these "foreign" films to "foreign language" and they are excluded from other awards incl cinematography but I think they deserve a mention. The cinematography in these 3 films (and the films themselves) for example are to my mind far more impressive than that of some the extraordinarily overrated an overhyped nominees for best film and best cinematography at this years Oscars. Best cinematography should be best cinematography in any language. OF GODS AND MEN http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1588337/ CONFESSIONS http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1590089/ DOGTOOT
  3. I watched this extraordinary Japanese film last night which has to my mind some of the most glorious cinematography I have ever seen Trailer here http://kokuhaku-shimasu.jp/index.html A huge box office hit in Japan, it was chosen as Japan's entry for the Oscars. This is J Horror that goes far beyond the now tired tropes of The Ring/Grudge films Imagine Elephant crossed with Oldboy/Lady Vengance, Battle Royal and Tony Takitani. I am currently reading Lionel Shriver's We Need to Talk About Kevin, the film adaptation of which by Lynne Ramsey is to be released later
  4. I hope you will permit me post on your forum what I have posted on my blog http://fivedayshelter.blogspot.com This relates to my first feature film FIVE DAY SHELTER Five Day Shelter premiered at the Belfast film Festival and screened in competition at the Rome International Film Festival. It is screening on Thursday 11th November in The Cork Film Festival. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1604672/ As the credited writer and director of FIVE DAY SHELTER I wish to clarify that I was removed from the post-production of this film. The edit, sound design, ADR, music, pick-ups and th
  5. Still time. production put back til feb 2009. DP on board, doing investigations..
  6. I rang The Production Depot in wicklow, ireland, myself and 7,500k euro pw is the quote i got for a basic 35mm package. I asked for the lowest price package. I wasn't smoking at the time and to the best of my knowledge neither were they. With a DOP on board we may be able to get price down a bit but that's the quote i received. Even if we managed to get the 35mm package price down to within budget, we still have to deal with stock, processing, shipping etc.. Many Uk and Irish films on roughly similar budget to ours have gone down s16mmm route. Some may have chosen s16 for aest
  7. Our budget may not go as high as 1.6m euro but 1.4 +m certainly. Even so your point about proportion is well made. Appreciate what you say about the workprint and workflow, could be place to start finding the money needed. Thanks for the advice. I'll run this by my producers and when in place our DOP.
  8. I came to seek advice, not to argue. All our figures point to s16mm. As the director i am very interested in exploring the possibilites of shooting 35mm, be it 4-pref, 3-pref, 2-pref. I was not questioning your knowledge, and i apologize if appeared so. I started this topic to find out if there were 35mm options on our budget. You can understand the frustration when the figures my producers have for 35mm means its impossible, while at same time i'm being informed here that it is in fact more than possible. Before i started this topic we had budgeted for s16. While searching h
  9. Hampus, another person claiming that for 25k we could "easily" afford to shoot 35mm for 6 weeks. Prices for 35mm stock are around Euro 500 for 1000 feet can, we would need around 50 cans for this feature. If the 2 - perf stock usage is 50% of normal usage this will leave us with Euro 25,000 for stock price, doubling what we have in our budget. There are also other cost implications, the S16 film stock weighs less than a third of what 35mm stock weight. This will triple the daily shipping cost to the lab. And as said in last post a basic 35mm package is 7,500 euro pw from The Productio
  10. Thanks Bruce, that could prove very useful. I'll contact Anders. A basic 35mm package is 7,500 euro pw from The Production Depot, ireland. A 2-pref can be more expensive. So that works out for 6 weeks as 45k. Our camera budget is currently 25k. A 20k shortfall and that doesnt take into consideration stock and processing v s16. Big ask but if dont ask wont receive. Not giving up on 35mm yet, as winter could be quiet, they wont want their cameras lying idle etc..
  11. They are experienced producers, and I have no reason to doubt their integrity and their figures. Those figures seem standard, but as i said lets hope we can negotiate a better deal. You are very confident that even on a 25k euro budget for a 6 week shoot we would "easily" be able to secure a decent 35mm camera package. I hope the producers have over-estimated the costs and you are proved right. Love to hear what others think and know from experience. Also is there a substantial difference in rental prices between 4-pref, 3-pref and 2-pref camera packages? Again appreciate
  12. You say for 25k we should easily be able to put together a high end 35mm package for a six week shoot...... ok, easily said but how, who, where? I'm based in Ireland and the figures i've given are accurate, but when DP on board we might be able to negotiate something better. "Easily" you say... I'd really be delighted to learn that that's true. Please explain..
  13. cheers stephen, The film is for theatrical release. 2:35:1 presents limitations and possibilities, which kinda go hand in hand. Right now i'm watching Silent Light again on filmfour. Yeah, getting a DP on board asap is key to all this. Sean Bobbitt might also be worth considering re hunger and also his s16 work on Wonderland, along with a number of Irish options. Its better i don't mention names. Good to hear about your steadicam work. Best G
  14. Spoken to my producer who says a full 35mm camera package will cost around 10k a week and that our camera budget is 25k... for a 6 weeks shoot. Ok 2-pref uses have the stock of 4-pref but 35mm is 3 to 4 times more expensive than S16 My producers are doing some homework and the mathematics but anyone here know how much a 2-pref camera package would cost ? Again i'm a director so excuse my lack of tech knowledge.. I reckon we can boast the camera budget to 50k (i would say that), but for between 25k to 50k, is shooting 2-pref possible ?
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