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  1. I'm open for feedback and criticism is more than welcome , I really appreciate all the help. http://diegotorroija.com/portfolio-2/reels/ Have fun Diego Torroija Cinematographer - Designer www.usphotograph.com RED PACKAGE FOR RENT Cell: (310) 936-6194
  2. Hey Karl, What I would do is to use green paper with green tape to mask the window from the inside to control reflections and tinfoil behind to control light coming through the window, then you need a good gaffer to light it evenly, ant to rig a source from light direction ad reflections and BG in AE. Make sure the camera is locked, and minimize people standing tween the window and camera, no mater how clean the key is in my experience there is always some roto :) Other option could be to use a large blue screen pulled back as far as I could from the outside to get a good natural light o
  3. Looking for Feedback - Showreel (thank you, thank you!!!) http://diegotorroija.com/portfolio-2/reels/
  4. RED Camera (Scarlet-X) Camera Package W/ Lenses. ( not insurance necessary ) Hello, I'm a Cinematographer / AC based out of LA and I travel anywhere. I want to learn about your project as I look for best ways to contribute. Demo Reel: http://www.usphotograph.com Please Contact via website or Cell: 310-936-619 four Gear: Red Scarlet-X 4K package w / Great lenses $350/Day ( Promotional offer ) I can DP or AC, Day rate $350. ( Promotional offer ) List of gear http://diegotorroija.com/portfolio-2/gear/ Also available, sliders, steady cam, lights, grip gear, sound gear. Clients include: Puma, P
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