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  1. Purchased in May, but ended up investing heavier in 500s. Excellent condition. Just taken in for service since I'm under warranty and all is well! Comes with original documentation and all accessories sold in the 1000 SDI-only based kit. https://teradek.com/collections/bolt… I'll ship. Asking $5,100 OBO
  2. Hey all, Wondering if anyone could shed some light on something I haven't found a solution for yet: Interface between a WCU-4 and an AMC-1 controller alongside a Cinetape. Do I need something like the L-Cube as well, or is it possible to do it another way entirely? I'm looking at purchasing a Cinetape, but need to know if this is possible with the AMC-1 as I work with it often.
  3. What is the largest size of a variable ND filter available and can they be fitted on cine lenses? Thinking quick and simple for on the fly shooting where time matters (and staying clean). In my experience I have not heard of it, but opening up the question to an entire community may be successful! Examples of cine lenses would be Cooke S4s or super speeds.
  4. could you show us the back as well, how it all is connected?
  5. Wondering, from other ACs or DPs out there, what you did you rig a focus motor to a periscope such as the one attached to the film camera linked here? http://www.electronic-pr.com/pr/art/new_clrmc_344sm.jpg I would do something from the lens end, but not sure what just yet. Looking for some more ideas and people with experience regarding periscopes without focus or iris built in.
  6. Looking to purchase a Backstage TR-04 cart. Anyone have leads?
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