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  1. Hi Kyran, thanks a lot for your advice, this is very helpful! The look we'll try and achieve in most of scenes will be bleak and moody, with high contrasts and shadows and pretty sharp on the skintones, possibly using CTBs, unless the Director wants to keep everything flat and neutral and do the grading in post. In contrast, there will be some scenes with softer and warmer tones, but keeping the overal mood bleak. It looks like I'll have access to HMIs, which might sort out the problem.I will try and also do some tests where possible. I always wanted to get a Color meter, but normally they are quite expensive unless you know where I can get one for a decent price?
  2. Hi guys, Trying to find what works best - to dial the colour temp manually on camera or use a grey card for each lighting condition (custome balance)? I have used both approaches before, my concern is that sometimes the lighting conditions are more complex, like when using combination of tungsten and kino flos, then what temperature do you need to dial? Is it better to balance it on the grey card at the spot where you'll be shooting? Thanks for your help!
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