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  1. Hello there! FIRST OFF: WARNING; I am complete NOOB in this field so expect to see something really bad. I am just posting this to get some basic feedback on how to present myself on video (how I should stand, look into the camera, how I should move my face muscles when I speak and so forth), some lightning changes, editing changes, etc.,. My purpose of shooting video is appearing as a "spokesperson" (so yes, I am definitively wearing the wrong outfit). I will get better clothing, another mic instead of the one inside my camera and a complete white background since my camera has "wrong" color sampling 4:2:1 for using green screens (if I understand things correctly). I just wanted to try to shoot something and edit some in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to get some feeling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63vvsATq9U8 Film was shoot with: Canon LEGRIA HF G25 in Cinema Mode (a button you can choose; this one, auto or manual mode). I also used two softboxes which is why you see two shadows (and I added artifical lightning in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, just to play around). I added used "expander"-preset inside "Dynamics" which is an Audio Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to cut away all background noise which the camera otherwise pick up. I'm deciding on whether to get a shotgun microphone or TRAM 50 lavalier. What are your suggestions? I am also curious on how to do with the lightning, how close or far away I should be with the camera so I can use the "rule of third" (standing in the middle just look like a poor mugshot if you ask me; my room is about 3,5 meters wide where I stand; yes I will shoot in my apartment). I will also get some simple lightning above my head so I can "pop out" of my, upcoming, white background. Feel free to give harsh but well-meant suggestions on what I can change 'till my next video besides the obvious clothing, hairstyle, added make-up and such. I am very excited to hear from you professionals and highly experienced film- and/or promotional video makers. And yes, you may laugh your butt off at my bad video! ;-) Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max K.
  2. Hello there again Alexandre! Thank you very much for taking your time to provide your professional help. I highly appreciate it! :-) I really have no other place to shoot this because of my life situation. I intend to shoot simplistic "self-help videos" in an educational manner where I will stand using the rule of thirds so I can use text beside me through AE-edits. And as you say; my background should add some professionalism to it through depth and gradients, but shouldn't take away the focus from me who's talking. I also find that my lightning spread out very much so I was wondering to get some "eggcrates" to be able to focus the light more. I am also wondering whether I should fix the white balance to make my skin look more colored since I have very pale skin. Thank you very much once again for your reply! :-) Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, Alexandre! / Max K.
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. I am beginner in this world and the reason why I would like (but don't need if it's not possible) to use a greenscreen is so I can have different plain backgrounds (grey, white, black, etc.,). However, now when you point out that this is not really possible due to my location, lighting gear and camera specifications, I am curious to know whether I can use a white background? I can get some extra cheap lightning just to light up the white background, such as work light construction workers use? I would use a rectangular white background that would cover both windows so I can film using the "rule of thirds" to make it look more appealing to be watching. Thanks once again for your reply and I am looking forward for your professional suggestions! :-) Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max K.
  4. Hello there! I want to create simple educational videos for YouTube so I guess PF25 (25fps) is the right choice? My camera shoots in 1080p. I have the following production gear: * 1 Canon LEGRIA HF G25 (filming in PF25 MPX or FPX) * 2 Tristar Magic Square (with spiral lightbulb 85W 5600K in each) * 1 ATR3350 lavalier (will probably get something else since it sounds so bad) * 1 Tripod Star 62 (5,3 feet, using it on a chair for extra height) * 1 Cheap 3x2m IKEA green fabric (using as greenscreen, have tested and work) The challenge I have is my small apartment. My room is about 3.6m long, 4m width and almost 3m height. I have a small space and I need lightning for me (the talent) and the greenscreen. Here are some pictures so you can see what I am dealing with and how I have it setup right now: As you can see, I have confined space to work within but I will make it work! :-) I would like some ideas on how to get some proper lightning for the greenscreen since it is not enough with these two softboxes (getting shadows behind my back). I am also the case that I have pale skin so I might need to use some color correction in the final video to make me look more yellow (not like a tomato) so it looks "good on video" so to speak. What are your ideas for setting up the light here, getting some light for the green screen and so forth? I will correct the green screen since I do see the bad folds! ;-P Thanks in advance and for this highly specialized awesome video forum! ^^, Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max.
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