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  1. Hello there! FIRST OFF: WARNING; I am complete NOOB in this field so expect to see something really bad. I am just posting this to get some basic feedback on how to present myself on video (how I should stand, look into the camera, how I should move my face muscles when I speak and so forth), some lightning changes, editing changes, etc.,. My purpose of shooting video is appearing as a "spokesperson" (so yes, I am definitively wearing the wrong outfit). I will get better clothing, another mic instead of the one inside my camera and a complete white background since my camera has
  2. Hello there again Alexandre! Thank you very much for taking your time to provide your professional help. I highly appreciate it! :-) I really have no other place to shoot this because of my life situation. I intend to shoot simplistic "self-help videos" in an educational manner where I will stand using the rule of thirds so I can use text beside me through AE-edits. And as you say; my background should add some professionalism to it through depth and gradients, but shouldn't take away the focus from me who's talking. I also find that my lightning spread out very much so I was won
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. I am beginner in this world and the reason why I would like (but don't need if it's not possible) to use a greenscreen is so I can have different plain backgrounds (grey, white, black, etc.,). However, now when you point out that this is not really possible due to my location, lighting gear and camera specifications, I am curious to know whether I can use a white background? I can get some extra cheap lightning just to light up the white background, such as work light construction workers use? I would use a rectangular white background that wo
  4. Hello there! I want to create simple educational videos for YouTube so I guess PF25 (25fps) is the right choice? My camera shoots in 1080p. I have the following production gear: * 1 Canon LEGRIA HF G25 (filming in PF25 MPX or FPX) * 2 Tristar Magic Square (with spiral lightbulb 85W 5600K in each) * 1 ATR3350 lavalier (will probably get something else since it sounds so bad) * 1 Tripod Star 62 (5,3 feet, using it on a chair for extra height) * 1 Cheap 3x2m IKEA green fabric (using as greenscreen, have tested and work) The challenge I have is my small apartment. My room is abou
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