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  1. Have i said a little too much here for people to respond? Was my focal reducer idea silly or something?? :D I'll be seeing the film at the Bfi Imax this Sunday (extremely annoyed they are presenting it digitally at 2K! :( ) so i am looking forward to it, but from the look of things i still believe a Vision3 500T stock would've suffice those Thames River scene.
  2. This is pretty much a big budget film, they have the time and luxary of lighting any set and location that they demand. I find it very hard to believe that this was an obstacle, many films before this manage to film in low light scenery on film, good examples being the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, all shot on film and to the more recent Mission Impossible Rogue Nation during the climax of the film in London! I even worked on Les Miserables where a horse chase scene was being done in a location where there wasn't much light sources, it was a night shoot but it was completely filled by using a gigantic chinese lantern on a crane! It looked so pretty :D The end result still looked like a night time scene where we can see what's happening and to my recollection it looked fine too. Personally, if the lighting was going to be much of a problem, personally I would use the money that they used to rent the Alexa 65 and produce 0.5x focal reducers engineered specifically for 35mm cameras, that way more light is focused thus increasing exposure by 2-stops, the field of view would decrease by half as well giving a much wider angle shot, but that can be rectified easily by slapping on a normal or telephoto lens instead :)
  3. But surely in situations like that, you would just throw in more (fill)light to gain decent exposure. Surely the Vision3 500T is more than capable of handling the job, no? I thought this was something Hoyte would've done.
  4. Kodak seriously need to invest making Vision4 stock or extend the current stock by adding 1600T :D
  5. Shoot on the Vision3 500T, it's much safer and more satisfying ;)
  6. Ahhh I see, cause I was really wondering if anyone could help me out by scanning some Super8 film I have at such resolutions and at different exposures! :D
  7. What DSLR perhaps? Is it possible to see some photos of your set-up? :) Do you think you can do triple HDR scanning??? :D
  8. I see, that's very informative, something I was hoping to achieve for my university project but didnt end too well. Is your scanning system DSLR based I'm assuming?
  9. So wait a minute, you saying you scanned a small area within a Super 8mm frame at 20K? Using a 5K camera??? I am confused :( I have some Super8 film that I shot last year for my final year university project with the intention to have it scanned at 4K and apply spatial-temporal denoising filtering (accurately to it's grain structure) and compare it to modern digital cameras. My results are still inconclusive but I saw the potential when I got a flat 2K scan from a Spriti Datcine HD scanner.
  10. Carl Looper, Could you tell me (or us) more about your scanner? How did you achieve 20K???
  11. Well couldn't they have adjust the Camera's aperture size height so that it becomes a ratio of 1.78:1 (16:9)??? That would make things alot more convenient and easier honestly speaking. Makes sense to do so as well in this day and age.
  12. Where did they say they were selling the camera for 5K??? And also, why do they have to change the dimensions? I would've just liked it as the standard 1.33:1 aspect ratio and not a Super8 VistaVision :(
  13. Ohhhh man...that's terrible! Isn't there anywhere else or anyone who could possibly do them??? :(
  14. You know guys...you can always just order from Denmark to make yourselves feel better :D
  15. I'm from the UK, and I just shot them an email :D Perhaps, might you or anyone else here know anyone that does re-perforation services??? :)
  16. Hi David, sorry for the very late response, But I must know... Do you know or think that Spectra provides a service to perforate 35mm film? And at a good price perhaps??
  17. Hi Lasse! I am personally not too fond of Pro8mm if I am completely honest, plus I am based here in the UK. Will it be possible to message or email you personally to discuss this matter and to let you in on what I'm trying to do perhaps?
  18. Ohhh man, that is so unfair, cause this would've been really useful to me for my university project where i dealt with Suoer8 film! In a way im still somewhat a student and still want to fulfil this, do you know if it is possible to test the camera out for my project??? :(
  19. Hi guys, sorry for bringing this old thread up, but I have been meaning to ask this... How did Friedemann Wachsmuth managed to get ahold of the prototype camera months ago???
  20. How does Pro8mm and Spectra receive their film perhaps? Perfed or Non-perfed? Either way, do you reckon it is possible to get it in bulk from them?
  21. I have got in contact with the people you've mentioned, and I have been passed around a couple of times. No luck yet. Is it just not possible to re-perforated an already perfed 35mm film??? Surely you can get Super8 film from that right?
  22. Ohhh god...I really hope the camera is not going to be priced as that! :( It needs to compete with the current obsession of DSLR cameras.
  23. Thanks for the replies guys! I was hoping to obtain just 400ft of unperforated Vision3 500T. Reperforating services do exist by a company called Wittner Cinetec in Germany. I have emailed/contacted them about this and they do provide it so long either the 16mm or 35mm film is unperforated.
  24. As the title says, I cant seem to find any information on how to achieve this but yet there are services out there that perforates such medium. One stock inparticular is the Vision3 500T.
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