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  1. Doesn't have to be perfectly steady no and yeah, will be driving slow on a closed tarmac road. I guess we'll test with shoulder rig first and see how that goes and use rig as back up. Cheers.
  2. Thanks. I just have to be careful what I can do to the interior in terms of drilling holes and stuff. This is the car mount that we have. Maybe we could mount two cups to the inside rear side windows and clamp the additional rods to something on the passenger or rear seat? Note we're shooting with the Canon C100 so it's a pretty small and lightweight camera.
  3. Hey all - I'm shooting a short film this weekend and we are shooting two talking heads inside a moving classic 1960 hard top Impala on a smooth, closed road. We are not using a process trailer, instead we have a beefy suction car mount at our disposal. Because of rigging time, I'm thinking of just shooting OTS from the rear seat (as in the example below). I actually prefer this angle because I think there are more options for sound and lighting, however I'm not too sure about a bouncing around camera. Are these types of shots typically locked down with additional grip inside or just a well balanced shoulder rig? Thanks! Impala interiors:
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