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  1. I haven't seen the show yet, but according to Zak Mulligan who shot a handful of episodes, they shoot with Venice + Leica R's and sometimes Cooke S7's, mostly full frame. Occasional over-crank 31-33fps for certain scenes/moments.
  2. Happy holidays! Looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplishes in 2020
  3. Hello everyone! Here is my updated narrative reel for this year. I am currently based in NYC and am hoping to meet other like-minded filmmakers around the world to collaborate with. A more detailed look at my work as well as some 35mm photography is available on my website. Please feel to reach out to me at any time if you'd like to chat or have a project you think I might be a good fit for. Thanks for watching! www.andrewtrost.com
  4. Very sad to see this. It seems he was well loved; hopefully his family are aware of the positive impact he had on this community as well. RIP Bill
  5. I went to the tour that Bill linked (thanks for that, by the way, Bill!) The space itself seems to have a little ways to go, they were actively under construction during the tour. They have one machine fully operational and are waiting to install the 2nd. Apparently the night before they were having some plumbing issues that set them back again. Bobby, the developer, mentioned that the hot water pump is still too hot for their specs and they are working on having better control over it. Other things I noted was that they have no current plans to be set up for B&W, but with enough requests they would consider it; I really hope they do! Additionally, there will be two scanners, one of which is a Blackmagic and the other would be something more 'state of the art.' I'll just reiterate what the Kodak reps said; dont quote me on any of this. It all still sounds very tentative regarding what else will be installed and what will be eventually available.
  6. Interesting piece, I'm glad this got dug up! To me, one of the more intriguing effects is the sort of blooming and "dripping" of lights in the background in this shot: Is this possibly drops or streaks of water that cause this, or multiple layers of filtration? Curious if anyone has thoughts about that in particular...
  7. I've also been wondering this! Very cool if it is going to be in Astoria. Hopefully we'll get some definitive news soon.
  8. Thanks Brenton! And thank you for the tip Tyler, I appreciate it!
  9. Thanks for the feedback Matthew! I'd be lying if I said I don't constantly struggle with creative choices like those in a reel. Just want to keep working and learning in the hopes that one day I'll get it right.
  10. Hey everyone! Just completed my latest cinematography reel, if you have 88 seconds to spare please take a look! https://vimeo.com/166125610 I'm always open to collaboration with new people, so please feel free to get in touch! www.andrewtrost.com
  11. Can you post some stills? Or describe the shooting situation? Helpful to know what lights you were using or if you had any filtration on the lens. Without too much info I agree with Tyler's instinct that it is probably IR pollution.
  12. Alright...this might be too easy, but it has been on my mind as I just saw it for the first time. Guessing someone will get it right away, but bonus points if you can name the cinematographer off the top of your head! Such a great film...
  13. @Paul - Thanks for the input! I definitely struggled with placement of the B/W images. You make a good point about variety up front. @Bill - The more I watch the reel, the more I also really wish I had left it out! Not that it is too late to take out, but I'll probably wait for next year with more fresh footage and replace it with something better. Thanks for your input!
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