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  1. If your looking for information on achieving the look you should move this over to the lighting part of the forum.



    as for how much space well it depends on how wide your shots are in the first video at 6 seconds when they are huddled together if you want that then I think you are looking at a 20 -40ft wide white cyc.


    the key to lighting for videos like this is to seperate your talent from the backround as much as possible so you can light the talent and backround seperatley.....but the farther the talent is from the backround the bigger the backround you need.



    I'm not too worried about lighting at this point. I'm more worried about space and maybe even type of lense. I assume a wide angle lens for most of the shots and a 18-55 would suffice for the normal shots? or would i need more of telephoto for the tighter shots?

  2. I'm hoping to do a music video for a music group and they want to do it with a white background. I'm confused on how much space i might need and what else I'm not realizing i'll need to do the video. (besides camera, the right lightning, tripod and hopefully a dolly). I have some examples. Can anyone give some advice on what they think is the right amount of space compared to the videos i've put up?




    You can put the music on mute, I just need advice for the visual. I know they did the music videos using film, so I want to get that out of the way. Thank you for taking out the time to respond.

  3. Music Videos and TV commercials are the earliest adopters of new tech. Check this out:




    1992 -DaVinci introduced Power Windows for Telecine use. That year we began seeing the use of Power Windows in music videos.


    @ Sadiq -After Effects can help you achieve a part of the overall look that we are discussing - at home with your computer. If your NIKON DSLR has an F mount (it probably does), then you can use older NIKON glass lenses or get a CANON FD to NIKON F adapter to use Canon lenses on your NIKON camera. Get a TIIFEN Pro Mist 1 Filter, as well. Check EBAY for those



    @ Freya, Alfeo - Thanks for the input. I really enjoy discussing this stuff ( even though we are in the wrong sub forum :rolleyes: ).


    I honestly wasn't sure which sub forum i should put this in, so i apologize if it was in the wrong one.

  4. Can someone tell me if this makes any sense...Assuming i can or can't find an older nikon lens (mainly because i have no idea where to start looking), can i shoot 1080p/24fps, then during the editing, downsample to either 720i or 480i (considering older TVs were using that), and keep the 24 frames per second to get the closest? then maybe find something out of Red Giant to help with the color, to resemble a more older feel or "film" look?

  5. POWER WINDOWS!!!! Thanks James, I was racking my head around that technique they would do in telecine, something to the effect of Gaussian Blur in Photoshop. But not really seeing it on these.


    Not Beta... ALL of those videos where film... most of them 16mm which is why you get the deeper depth of field look.


    Mostly all videos then where shot with standard primes and super speeds where the top choice. S4's were reserved for the big boys and 35mm jobs. Still many where on the 10:1 canon cinema zoom.


    Chocolate and Tobacco filters where ALWAYS in the bag. White & Black ProMist made its rounds as well as Grads all over the place as clearly seen.


    Not vasaline in Brown Sugar, swing and tilt lenses mad a peek in videos also... this is what you got going on here as well as flash frames... flash frames we would just cut the camera off and restart the camera. Many of the good directors could do it in a good sync area of the playback track for an effect look that would hit during certain rifts of the song.


    film speeds, we carried 100T, 200T & 500T. 800T was just hitting the market and was a bit pricier. Also, 50D & 250D


    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was a camera loader and 2nd AC during the heyday of music videos!

    I'm sure there was a lot of valuable knowledge in there, but I'm not sure how to use any of that to make the type of video I'm trying to make. Basically, should I be taking any of that and applying it to what i want to do?


    Get an adapter so that you can use old lenses( example: a CANON FD to EF adapter ), use a Tiffen Pro Mist 1 filter.

    As a heads up, I use Nikon cameras, so i'm guessing i couldnt use the canon fd to ef adapter but maybe if they had a Nikon one?

  7. I love the feedback you all have given me. Very detailed, informative and helpful. My other question would be, IF i decide to use a DSLR, could you re-explain a cost effective or simple way to achieve something as close as possible to this type of technique?

  8. I’m sort of new to cinematography. I’m hoping to achieve a certain look or at the very least come close it. I plan to upload this mainly online for now (like youtube and vimeo). I know what I’d like to have as an outcome, just not sure specifically what I might need to do to get there.

    I’m looking for more of a style used during the 90’s for music videos. They, I assume, were filmed with film camera and not digital, so I’m aware of one part of that solution. I figured if I shoot digital in 24 fps, somewhere around 720, that I might be able to get close to the look I’m looking for (plus whatever sony vegas or premiere can provide me for filters).

    I have examples so that anyone with sound advice can understand what I mean in a visual sense.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWDazyPyjts (Redman “I Can’t Wait”)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMJH2XWBQGU (Nas “The World is Yours Tip Mix”)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehT_R-Vd6Nk (Da Youngstas “Mad Props”)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOppDnMIIak (Extra Prolific “Brown Sugar Directors Version”)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIWH2xc9yKk (Camp Lo “Luchini”)

    I put up a couple of links to give a better view of what I mean, from mid 90s to late 90s. I’m aware I’ll need a dolly, tripod or some kind of stabilizer (I don’t plan to get any of the big production cranes). Other than that, not sure exactly what I would need to do to get the closest to that quality (besides lighting techniques).

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