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  1. Is it possible to make a d-tap cable that splits at the end into 2 barrel connectors? I want to power a monitor and transmitter from a single dtap cable. in my head this works the same as a d-tap splitter cable. Does anyone have any thoughts on doing that? I'm comfortable making cables but unsure of what the ramifications would be if any.
  2. you're in toronto and there's no litemats available? 2d House, AE, Ontario Camera, and Whites all have them to rent. Or look on Shuttershare for private owners. I have one I can rent to you but I'm in Hamilton. You mention being unable to rig to the ceiling, but do you have any photos of the ceiling you're shooting in? Is it a drop ceiling? just white painted drywall? if you're not hazing it up then your best bet is to use a source 4 like David suggested, you may need to put a bounce up, or just shape it right on the ceiling. only thing you probably can't do that way is skirt the whole thi
  3. this is all great insight folks. thank you for that. Leapfrogging is great advice, which I've already implemented on this new years sets. So is understanding what I can't actually control. The one thing I don't often have the luxury of though is extra crew. Typically I'm using 1 AC and gaff+grip. so everything takes time. Gotta start pushing for more.
  4. Im just wondering if theres anything you ensure you do as a DP that helps you make your days? I always find we go way overtime and usually its because we tried to be too ambitious but I feel like I need to direct my focus more into ways to keep to reasonable timelines.
  5. Mei, that's very interesting, Ive never seen that before. as I do already have lightroom maybe I'll give that a try. is it all local or can my lightroom organized files be uploaded to cloud?
  6. I sorta just dump into a folder on google drive but its hard to categorize. wondering if anyone has a good method!
  7. oh that's great to know! thank you, the studio HD is exactly what I'm after I think. Do you by chance know the LED versions output equivalent to a tungsten lamp ? are they all about 750w?
  8. Hey folks, I'm pulling the trigger on a litemat s4 and I'm wondering if anyone has encountered a solution to transporting it in a hard case for air travel? It seems there is not much option other than to custom build something but hopefully someone out there has encountered this roadblock and solved it. Thanks!
  9. Is there such a thing? I have no idea where to start when it comes to leko's and it looks like it'd be a great investment for my lighting game. Thanks!
  10. Ah okay thanks, so a bounce into the ceiling or a lighter wall off camera or something like that will give me the ambient level up that I'm looking for (non directional, soft) vs a chinaball.
  11. Hey thanks guys, to clarify, I mean moonlight coming through the window. All the lights are off. for instance, it's a bedroom scene middle of the night. the room doesn't have a lot of light coloured walls so everything is really falling into black more than I want. so I want to lower the contrast range between the moonlight and the rest of the room.
  12. Thanks guys! That's very helpful! As a followup question, If my (evening) scene is being lit/played as windowlight primarily what would you use to bring up the ambient in the room to reduce the contrast? Is this where chinaballs are used a lot?
  13. I've lit through a window before and a lot of times it feels like the frames and panes are blowing out. what can I do to avoid this? Thanks!
  14. Thanks so much for the insight you guys! Really helpful!
  15. I see a lot of lighting breakdowns on here and it seems to me that there's a whole lot of "lighting for each shot" and I'm wondering how often you folks light an entire scene and shoot everything with minimal if any tweaks for closeup? Any examples of lighting setups where you've done it this way?
  16. Hey folks, I'm going to be heading to NAB later this month and wondering if anyone here is oging to be giving any talks on behalf of any exhibitors or anything like that? Listening to people wax was my favourite part of NAB last year and I'm hoping to have a better plan for it this time around. Thanks.
  17. hmm, I had thought about using my ronin but was concerned about that happening. it was also quite windy where we were shooting so I wanted a locked solution.
  18. Thanks Adrian! Here's the shot paired with a bts of the setup in action on my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSjKVlAAbiz/?taken-by=ballofyarnfilms
  19. How do all these stack up to my LenzHound?
  20. Hey Dwayne, here is a bts video of how I had it rigged up. worked perfectly! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-BBHEG_PBIMWk5HhGlC8akK1M4yHms-eng
  21. This is a personal project I wrote this weekend and we are shooting it in the morning at 6am. So $100 is still $100 over budget, and I would have nowhere to source from on a sunday. But definitely good to know for the future!
  22. Thanks Brian, I think that's a solution that would be far out of my budget! I actually managed to rig something up with an additional bowlless tripod head and two angle brackets. I'll post a BTS still when we use it tomorrow!
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