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  1. Tim, Thanks for the response. I have had a dose of what you talk about. I have been servicing the turret. The turret on my camera has one lens socket with a stainless steel sleeve. The other two are milled sockets. I acquired two lenses for the camera and they did not fit in either of the two milled lens sockets. I removed the turret from the camera. From the turret, I had to remove the pair of lens locking levers and the lens key from both lens sockets. Then, by hand, I carefully sanded, polished and waxed the sockets. Both of the lenses will now fit into either socket. When I re-instal
  2. I have a Bolex H-8 with three lenses. I understand you want for parts only. This one is in good working condition. I had it on ebay for sale for $250 and it did not sell. contact me. Mike Leake
  3. Received the arriflex 16 s Magazine Opening Cover. The build continues
  4. The deal I got on arri is this: arriflex 16mm S, NO COVER for the film compartment. An Anginieux 10-150 zoom lens(a little rough looking, but working) an arriflex 8V variable motor(Now repaired and running), the diopter/viewfinder has rust on two of the interior lenses(rust got removed). All for $415.00 Might be a bargain, not really sure. Once it is running, I will think it is a bargain M.L.
  5. Sorry Mark My typing on a smart phone is horrible. I have an Arriflex 16S. And I mean schematic, which would hopefully show detailed information on the order of dis-assembly and re-assembly of internal mechanical parts, and possible tolerances, adjustments and alignmentsl Thanks Michael Leake
  6. Yds, I have the owners manual, I am hoping to get some servicing manual information before I start taking my array 16s apart. So far I have had the motor and the diopter apart and back together. Michael Leake
  7. I should read and update more often.. The motor that came with this arri16 was seized and it was the bearings. I ordered and installed new sealed bearings, cleaned all of the parts, polished contacts, applied lube conservatively and the motor now works. I actually had it powering the camera. I had issues with the eyepiece. It has water damage and rust on the glass. I used oxalic acid to dissolve the rust with absolutely NO damage to the glass lenses. It will soon will soon be back together. with light lubing(I do not have any array lubes at all) the action of the diopter seems very smooth
  8. Does anyone have a auricles 16mm s servicing schematic which you can post?? Thanks Michael Leake
  9. I know that this is been there done that, but I got my first Arri 16mm S. It needs a little work, which I have started. but this is very exciting for me. Michael
  10. Thanks, I will let you know. Probably two weeks before I get it. Michael
  11. P.S. Do you have any 200' magazines for this model?? Thanks Again Michael
  12. When I get the motor, and look at it I will let you know. And trade for credit?, With you? for a working variable speed? Let me know about this offer. Thanks Michael
  13. I just purchased an arriflex 16s from ebay, it has not arrived yet. It does not have a Magazine cavity cover . Does anyone have an extra?, How much? or where I might get on. The motor was advertized as being "seized" and would not turn. I may be naive, but with my mechanical backround, I think I can repair it. The motor is the variable speed type reverse/forward. Next, What would be the voltage/amp power supply to use or I can make this also. Thanks for information from everyone in advance. Michael
  14. 2253 processing I haven't shot is yet I will update when I shoot and process. Yale Film and Video is going to try and process it. Got to get tape or a tape splicer. Thanks to all, so far. Michael
  15. I need advice on splicing Kodak 2253 16mm film. What type of film cement? Best way to splice it. I am using it for home movies, direct projection in a bell & howell 16mm projector. No plans to telecine or reprint. Thanks to all Michael
  16. for "drive med" it is "drive bed"
  17. micheallLeake

    Eumig C3?

    This is about Eumig C3 double 8mm camera. Please post in the correct forum. Thanks I need some advice on disassembly of this camera, especially the interior motor works. I do not seem to ba able to get the clockworks and drive med out of the camera. There seem to be only 4 screws to free the whole clockwork mechanism and lift it out. Anyone done this type of work?? Thanks Michael
  18. Gear and spring. I have not yet tackled that area yet, but I expect to. It seems lubrication could help reduce noise and increase operational efficiency. Thanks. Next project will be an Eumig C3 8mm. It makes squeeky noises.
  19. micheallLeake

    Eumig 16c

    I have an Eumig 16c from eBay. It came with bent lens turret arms, a faulty film speed selector dial a an interior detent arm that prevents lens selection when the main lens is in any other position except infinity focus. Well, (patting myself on the back) I disassembled it, did lots of cleaning lubrication, straightened all the bent items, put the lenses back in their proper seats and it is now purring loudly. I made a test film for focus, iris operation and speed. Now I will have to weight for the film to come back
  20. Everyone whose has given advice, thanks it has been very helpful. M.L.
  21. I am new to cinematography.com and I have been reading about splicing film. My needs are this; I am filming on Kodak Tri-X B&W reversal 16mm stock. I want to edit this for my own viewing on my 16mm film projector. What would be the best brand of splicer and the best type of splicing technique(tape, cement, hot splicing???) I think the film I am using is polyester based, but I do not really know. Thanks for the help, anyone. Mike L
  22. Can this lens(bayonrt type) be easily be converted to a c-mount lens? Has anyone done that? Thanks Mike
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