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  1. Hey everyone, Im shooting a project that has a fair amount of dialogue within a car. Im trying to figure out various ways to potentially shoot it but am not sure what grip equipment is out there that will provide me the coverage that I want. I like how the dialogue in the movie Fargo is shot. Here is an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqIGiVLOY4E I would love for the camera to be right in the middle of the conversation. What would I need to pull this off and where can I get it? Im also open to any suggestions of how others have shot dialogue within a moving vehicle. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, Im curious to see what peoples resumes look like. I feel that mine in terms of organization, and design, could look better and I'm hoping to see how others out there have formatted their resumes. Would anyone care to share theirs?
  3. Hey everyone I thought It would be interesting to breakdown this scene completely in terms of how you believe it was shot, type of stabilization used, lighting, lighting set up, etc. Here is a dialogue scene from the movie Collateral. I like this scene because it has some motivated camera movement from the car and in a way emulates a "bumpy" car ride in the city. here is the clip My first guess is that it was shot in some sort of studio environment in order to get all the different angles and the "shakey" camera movement
  4. Thanks Stuart, I've never used The Camera House so maybe on my next gig I'll reach out to them. Any other opinions / preferences out there?
  5. Neal thanks for your extremely detailed response. The TLS Super Baltar vintage lenses sound awesome and seem like they'd be something I'd really love if I get a chance to shoot with them. Does anyone else any other Lens Packages that they like or rental houses they recommend? Thanks everyone!
  6. Hey everyone, so lately I've been hearing a lot of different opinions about different lens packages and was curious to get an even wider range of opinions as to what lens package is your favorite and why? Also how you go about choosing a lens package for each project, and where you've gone in the past to get them. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone! Just curious if anyone has done some dialogue between 4 people in a vehicle (that is supposed to appear to be on the road driving) or if anyone could show me some great examples of what they think is a well executed scene between 4 people in a vehicle having a conversation. Also what are somethings I should be aware of when shooting this type of scenario? Any helpful tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks !
  8. Hi everyone OP here! Im glad so many people have put in their two cents on my post, as it has somewhat been encouraging hah! So I'm back for some more advice and an update. What I have been doing lately is simply finding production companies that have work I admire. I email them my reel, and call for a follow up. Thats pretty much it. Like I said before my network of producers and directors are thin, so I assume that contacting them via email or phone, to showcase my work is a step in the right direction correct? Does anyone have any other suggestions or guidance? Thanks agai
  9. How do you suggest I go about this then? Unfortunately my network of producers and directors is to thin to rely on the same people for consist work.
  10. Hey everyone! Hoping I can get some help here from the community. Obviously, my dream career is to be a cinematographer, for television, advertising you name it. I started my own production company out in Orange County, California and we fortunately have had some pretty nice success and have been in business the past 2 years. However it is not necessarily the route I want to go for. I don't necessarily want to be a business owner or business man, I would much rather be out in the field shooting as much as possible. I tend to travel to LA a lot to work on projects there but as of now I find mys
  11. Awesome! Thanks for all the resposnes guys. By the way the music video looks great
  12. Thanks for your response Adrian. I suspected something like that would have to happen. However I don't believe I can achieve a frame rate of 48fps with my fs700/odyssey 7Q combo, although I might be mistaken. How much should I speed the song if I want it to be in sync at 60fps?
  13. Hi everyone! Im very excited to join the cinematography community here in order to learn and continue to advance my craft. With that said here is my very first question / post. I've noticed a handful of music videos that are shot in slow motion (my guess here is possibly 60fps?) and the performer is singing and yet the lips appear to be relatively in sync to the music. Now is this a case of simply shooting the performance like you normally would but just at a higher frame rate, or is there more to it that I'm missing ? Below are some examples the first one being the strongest.
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