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  1. But with the 814 that reads 250 daylight it would just be correctly exposed right? I mean the way they intended it to be, slightly underexposed then...
  2. Thanks David! Yes I thought it would be notched 160 to, but it says on the cart "cartridge notched 250", and it doesn't press down on any of the 814's ASA pins, so I guess that makes the camera expose daylight as 250 and tungsten as 400? Unfortunately the aperture switch only works one way (to close the aperture) in my camera so I'm stuck on AE lock...
  3. Hello! Recently bought the Canon xls 814 and I'm now ready to start experimenting with super8. I have bought some Wittner Chrome 200D for a project coming week (only film I could get within short time, live in Sweden). Does anyone know how the camera will handle this film, it's notched as ASA250. The camera should handle daylight stocks up to this ASA. Does this mean autoexposure should work correct if only my meter works properly? Anything else I should think about with this film? Thanks!
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