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  1. thanksLandon,spacebardoesntworkoncinematography.com i'mlearningcompositing i'llcheckoutwhatyousaid thanks
  2. Curious thing now: The shot is in a spaceship. Which is to say, in my Dad's Toyota. Out of the front windshield is a green screen where it will be stars. Inside the set there's a prop with a screen, the screen is green screen paper. I need a different image on that prop than is out the window, but both green screens are in the frame so they seem to both have the stars. Is there a way to treat the two greenscreens separately?
  3. Do multiple green screens in a single shot have to be the exact same green? I have a large one made of fabric hanging in front of the spaceship set, and then within the set I have little paper ones (rectangles for screens with animations later)
  4. Well,Iapparentlycannotusethespacebar.Great!
  5. thanks Landon. I don't money really after the computer upgrades, so Resolve 14 free version is the only option right now, but they do brag about editing, unless that's the other versions.
  6. Thanks guys- My Computer Specs: Intel core x299 i7 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 video card 32 GB RAM Toshiba 4 Tb Drive 7200 RPM 64 MB 500 GB Western Digital Blue SATA-3 SSD It is unbelievably frustrating. At 11 am I start editing, and at 11:10 am everything is sluggish and then "Rendering Required Files Not Responding" then "Save Project Not Responding" There follows FOUR hours trying to figure out what's happening. Talking to Adobe, talking to a computer wizard friend. Any and every action I take freezes for about 5 seconds, then suddenly----everything's fine. No more problems. I would celebrate except I know tomorrow it'll be the same. I can't possibly finish this 20 minute film (1080p) inside 5 years at this rate of 4 hours of what the hell for every 10 minutes of work SO instead of complaining here, let me ask: If this were a professional level $50 million dollar film say, and you walked into work and this started happening....what would you do? I know you wouldn't say "oh well, maybe some other time I guess" haha What would be done, who would be called? Would an editer on such a level know how to figure out whats up? I need to learn whats up
  7. Anyone else having this issue on Premiere Pro (2018) It won't do it, and while I'm waiting to see if it resolves itself, it tries to auto save but again fails with the same msg. Scary! Any ideas? -dk
  8. Sorry if I was remiss on etiquette...i got so involved with stuff...thanks for everyone's input! I am not a professional, I just need a computer that will edit my stuff smoothly, at 1080p coming out of my Rebel T3i hahaha....but later on next year i'll move up to another camera, maybe 4K capable. Right now I don't see the point as I'm learning i think i'm gonna get a gaming computer--an Intel X299 core i7 with an SSD seems to have a lot of muscle. I believe - 4Tb Toshiba HD---64MB Cache, 7200RPM, 6.0 Gb/s single drive - Primary HD: 240 GB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCIe NVME SSD Read: 3200 MB/s Write: 1500 MB/s single drive - Motherboard: MSI X299 Tomahawk AC --4x PCIe x16, wifi - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 - 8GB (GDDR5X) (VR-Ready) -
  9. well i meant besides 3D...maybe the trailer i saw was pulled off of a video cassette someone had. i think the question is too involved and hugely broad anyways. i wish it had some kind of production "diary" kind of like reading about productions in American Cinematographer. I'm looking forward to seeing it at any rate!
  10. It's playing at the Quad in NYC. I saw the trailer. What type of things contribute to it looking the way it does? It's 35mm right? Sorry for such a vague question, but it's like when someone asks me why does Mozart sound the way it does and yet an imitation of Mozart fall so short? There are several technical reasons why, but in cinematography I cannot put my finger on why it seems not to work the same as say Star Wars, visually speaking. Let's just say I am NOT judging it simply because it doesn't look like another film...even taken as its own style, i'm curious---mainly because i am soon to look at footage for my own short after months of shooting and ive already seen peaks, enough to reach for an antacid. =)
  11. hello everyone, Is there a problem having the actor wearing this mask? In terms of bleeding or some other problem with the green screen i may not know about? It won't upload. It is a gold reflective type mask. Reflective like a gold mirror. cheers, dk
  12. 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display Is this a good move? The base model is about $2300 and while I am doing full HD now, I plan to upgrade to 4K at some point. It's not for a job, but I want a powerful processor and if I can use the cloud and/or a seagate external HD for storage, Perhaps this will do nicely? 3.4GHz quad-core Intel i5 and an AMD Radeon Pro 570 with 4GB video memory. Comes with 8GB of RAM as standard, upgradeable to 32GB. Comes with 1TB hard drive on the base model; up to 2TB Fusion Drive on the high-end model. Thanks! dk
  13. Ah right...no, there will no movement, either by camera or people or objects. There will only be the building sitting in its environment.
  14. Hello folks I'm making a short, the action of which takes place inside a facility building. I can find a few buildings around NYC but how can I remove them from their environments and place them into new ones? Specifically, I want the building but not the parking lot, cars, and NYC streets and signs etc around it. I would like to pluck it out and put it into a wide shot of a desert location near Flagstaff that I have. How might this be done on PremierPro and FCPX? Merci dk
  15. wow, 10 years later, and this is really what I'm looking for. i don't think I have the money for this though...did any of your description apply as well to a wide shot of the entire building or just close ups of portions ?
  16. I see lots of videos on youtube using after affects to create explosions, but nothing looks great. I want a plain building to blow up, and to get it from 2 or 3 angles blowing up. I have the video of the building in a field. How might I achieve this?
  17. Anyone recommend Volunteer Accident Insurance from a company called Fractured Atlas? I read about it online but perhaps some people here have personal recommendations.
  18. correct. i found out about insurance yesterday. my thinking wasn't based on all the facts when i wrote that.
  19. I think this is the right place for this. I'll be shooting a short film this summer. I'm building a set in my apt. It's great fun and it'll be cool. But I need to take seriously the 1/1,000,000 freak accidents. I take safety very seriously; I'll have a guy on-set who's only gig is keep an eye on safety. Mind you, this is a teensy weensy production, a homemade effort. But lotsa things can happen. I'll be using a fog machine for a little bit---what if an actor's asthma is activated or an unknown allergy and 911 gotta be called...tripping, falling etc As careful as I can be, I think I need an indemnifying agreement signed by all participants, no? Anyone know how to do that properly? Must it be done through a lawyer, or is a piece of paper that I compose sufficient? Thanks all
  20. Gregg---that is absolutely tremendous. Thanks a lot for the reference.
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