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  1. Hello all, I am selling the IVS tap, handle and beamsplitter for the SR3. It is NTSC. Everything functions as it should. The beam splitter has a slight Knick in the glass that isn’t noticed on the monitor or through the viewfinder. $1,500 OBO if interested please send me a private message and I will prepare some pictures. Thanks! Evan
  2. Hello, I'm reviving this topic to ask if anyone has any additional information or experience at this point. I am now in the stage of choosing between the VP and AZ Spectrum taps. The last quote I received from AZ stated $1,550 and the VP Hyper Tap (V1) is $1,795 on their website. Any notable differences or preferences? Thanks in advance! Evan
  3. Hi, sorry the ACL is no longer available.

  4. Looking for an Arri SR3 elbow. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks! Evan
  5. An upskirt would be a photo that was taken surreptitiously. This looks more like a pose. I take it that would be the difference.
  6. Hi all, For sale is an Angenieux 5.9mm T2 lens. It's originally Bayonet mount, but this has a Stainless Steel PL Mount adapter (one of the good adapters). I couldn't get it to collimate and fit well with my SR3, and I have a couple of primes that need servicing. To fund that,I am offering this lens for $900 + shipping. I know the adapter alone is worth a few hundred. I would recommend having it collimated for your camera before using it, since it's a fixed focus lens. Covers s16, Mostly. Will cover completely if you are masking for 1.85. Otherwise, there is the slightest of vignettes. Pictures on request.
  7. Jason, An an avid film collector here is my advice: 1. Keep it away from all other film. VS can be contagious and is an autocatalytic reaction. 2. Keeping it open is best. Without any cans. Like you were advised, reverse winding it can also be helpful, though once the process picks up it can be difficult to slow down. 3. It should be kept in conditions of less than room temperature (70 degree or less if possible) with a relative humidity of 50% or so. If it is just one film and you are absolutely keen on keeping it, get some Ziplock bags, and a can for the film. The Ziplock should be at least 3mil thick. Put the film, in the can, in the ziplock. Tape it shut with camera tape. Then put that ziplock in another 3 mil ziplock, and tape that one shut too. Then take that package and stick it in the freezer! It's the best way to stop the process where it is. If you ever need to bring it back out, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour, and then to room temperature for a few hours before opening anything to prevent ruin due to condensation.
  8. 4 Perf- The camera is currently on hold for prospective buyer.
  9. For pick-up in NYC What’s included (everything pictured): BL4 with Flight Case (The flight case foam is in terrible condition and needs to be replaced). Juergen Video Tap Carl Zeiss Flektogon, 25mm f4 lens, PL Mount 2x400' Magazines (In combined flight case) 2x1000' Magazines (In separate flight cases) w/ 2 Leather Barneys & 1 Other Heavily Padded Barney Arri Hand Grip with start/stop. Arri Extended Viewfinder (In addition to the normal viewfinder) Arri Dovetail, Bridgeplate, 19mm Rods and Swing away Mattebox. (in Flight Case) Bescor 12V battery and charger. Arri 35 Manual 2,000+ feet of expired 35mm short ends. Price: $5,500 (OBO- willing to make partial trades/cash exchanges. I’m looking for S16 glass)
  10. I have my scanning performed with MetPost in NYC.
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