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  1. 4 Perf- The camera is currently on hold for prospective buyer.
  2. For pick-up in NYC What’s included (everything pictured): BL4 with Flight Case (The flight case foam is in terrible condition and needs to be replaced). Juergen Video Tap Carl Zeiss Flektogon, 25mm f4 lens, PL Mount 2x400' Magazines (In combined flight case) 2x1000' Magazines (In separate flight cases) w/ 2 Leather Barneys & 1 Other Heavily Padded Barney Arri Hand Grip with start/stop. Arri Extended Viewfinder (In addition to the normal viewfinder) Arri Dovetail, Bridgeplate, 19mm Rods and Swing away Mattebox. (in Flight Case) Bescor 12V battery and charger. Arri 35 Manual 2,000+ feet of expired 35mm short ends. Price: $5,500 (OBO- willing to make partial trades/cash exchanges. I’m looking for S16 glass)
  3. Evan Samaras

    16mm scan

    I have my scanning performed with MetPost in NYC.
  4. Hi, I’m looking for a PL mount Canon 8-64mm for my S16 setup. My budget is Around $3k based on recent sale prices that I’ve seen. Price adjustable based on condition and other details. I am based in NYC but will be driving down the Pacific Coast (San Francisco to San Diego) the last two weeks of August. I can do Pick up in either, or will consider shipping. Please PM me. Thank you.
  5. The Arri BL2 Kit comes in a flight case with a 400' magazine and a 1000' magazine with a leather blimp. There is a mattebox (that has seen some better days) and a lens blimp. The camera is clean. The paint is very nice and excellent compared to others that I have seen. The shutter was tested by AZ Spectrum late last year and all is well! I'm asking for $2,900. I am also open to trade for S16 glass. I have additional 400' and 1000' magazines if you are looking for more. Pickup in NYC. Shipping will be extra... it's heavy! Please send me a private message for any questions and pictures. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for sharing Helen. Happy Birthday Bill! My thoughts are with you today
  7. David, Thank you for re-linking to your blog. Indeed it seems I have been "scraping by" on the 60d Mkii haha. Your article has been helpful. From what I gather, am I to expect better performance out of my DR680? I've been using the recorder in combination with the Audix SCX1.
  8. I must be having difficult accessing the rest of the magazine. Is it all in there, or just the cover?
  9. Marcos, I also enjoyed this read. It's interesting to hear about people navigating indie filmmaking at that time. I have a feeling that it has changed A LOT. Especially with digital now being an option. I had the chance to meet Don and have him sign my copy of True Indie (He signed it "Keep those balls in the air" hehe) when he was touring his new 4k Release of Phantasm that was produced through JJ Abrams. We all have JJ to thank or this film may have only had terrible SD versions available as Don's own print was going Vinegar!
  10. Thank you for your response Daniel. It has been some time, and we're all quarantined. Anyone else care to give some feedback as we learn and grow? Thank you.
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