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  1. Hey Charles! I did not take the feedback as a denigration! I actually appreciate the time you have taken to provide feedback, and I just hoped to pick your brain on the statement. I have not had a chance to work on many projects as DP, and am thoroughly interested in other's thoughts, feelings and opinions about the work. I am only hoping to continue to learn and grow. Thank you again!
  2. Hello everyone! First, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to watch the film =D I worked along side George in producing this film. George and I wore many hats in bringing this film from dream to reality, and I believe I speak for both of us when I say that we are proud, and happy with the results. That being said, we are always open to learning where we could improve, as well as the specific ways we can grow. Charles, Since I had the role of cinematographer on this film, I hoped you could elaborate for me the statement "The lighting might be considered controversial´╗┐." As the DP I felt the choice in lighting was appropriate to the subject matter and environment. Being in my own mind, and having my own reasons, I may be missing other interpretations and hope you could fill those in! Thank you!
  3. Thank you for the response Dom. I believe all internal and external settings are set as described in the manual. I used an appropriate external monitor for testing. Additionally the Color Six also uses its own monitor to project the image. Both the onboard and external monitor showed the same image, and on both output A & B. I suppose I have nothing to lose by having someone local inspect the electronics for me, but it sounds like I may need to consider finding another tap. Thank you again.
  4. Hi All! I posted my concern in another section without relpy, so here with go again! Perhaps this is the appropriate subsection. I have a tap on my SR3 that I believe is in need of repair, and I was hoping someone could point me int he right direction. I have a CEI Color Six Tap on my SR3. I am only seeing a black signal outputted to the monitor. When I hold a flashlight to the subject in front of the lens I am able to see some sort of image, but still a very dark and odd looking one. I know this is very little information, but I was hoping to learn if others have any suggestions, or can even offer any reliable repairmen. I called Duall who stated that repairs may cost as much as buying a new HD tap that is being designed by one of their employees (~2k if I recall correctly. Although I believe that number is not an exact quote as of yet). I am not looking for HD output specifically. I am fine with the SD tap and would love to get it up and running if possible, and within an affordable range I hope! Thank you!
  5. Hi All! I have a CEI Color Six Tap on my SR3. I am only seeing a black signal outputted to the monitor. When I hold a flashlight to the subject in front of the lens I am able to see some sort of image, but still a very dark and odd looking one. I know this is very little information, but I was hoping to learn if others have any suggestions, or can even offer any reliable repairmen. Thank you!
  6. Hi. I am looking to buy this shoulder rig/handheld system. Please message me if you have one to sell, or on any leads. Thank you!!!
  7. Thank you Daniel, Financial run down hmm... my situation may be different than someone else just starting. Way before I had a script I started gathering the equipment I knew I would need in order to shoot film. I spent more than a year gathering the necessary equipment at affordable prices, therefore I did not include any of that financial strain in the "budget" of this film, as it is gear that I can reuse for every shoot. This gear includes, but is not limited to: Arri SR3 HS, Angenieux 17.5-70mm + Retro Adapter. Mattebox, A Set of series 7 Filters that I used in photography (hence the split dipoter), as well as 4x5.65 filters. An Arri 750W Light kit (3 lights) + stands. Reflectors, Lighting Gels, Tripods, Dana Dolly, Steadicam ProVid, Follow focus, Tascam recorder, etc. When I added everything up, I took a big gulp at the heap of money I invested just to get my projects off the ground! When it comes to this project, everyone involved worked for lunch basically. It was a collection of friends who have never worked in film of any kind, including the actors. This left me handling way too many responsibilities (my first and maybe biggest mistake). Film stock came from friends who had leftover rolls from their shoots. They provided me with a nice discounted price! This provided me a tight 4:1 Filming ratio. As for film developing and scanning, you can usually get a deal when you shoot about 3000' of 16mm film. Shop around! The budget basically went to transportation and lunch for everyone. In the end the short film cost $2,300, of which the majority was spent on film stock, processing and scanning. If I can find my documentation on it, I will break it down by category at a later time. Thank you Pav! I do have an understanding of what I felt worked well, and what failed. However, it's hard for me to see it from a perspective other than my own, being that I was so deeply immersed in it. The story was written in a manner that asks the audience to question what happened. Maybe that didn't sit as well with the viewer as I hoped it would. Although there is a point in the film that certainly clarifies and reveals a lot, but it appears to have been overlooked by many. No one has pointed it out, and I am more interested in hearing what the viewers believe happened. Is that an error?
  8. Thank you for the feedback Giacomo! I am familiar with the dialog recording being terrible, it was the most heartbreaking aspect of the film for me. However, could you elaborate for me on the ways you felt the short failed in the editing room?
  9. Thank you Hunter! It is the first of many more to come! I plan to stretch out as much footage in S16 as I can until I move up to 35, and not down to digital :P Now if I could just find myself a Steenbeck.... =D
  10. Yesterday marked the release of a project to which I dedicated many, many months. Writing, Location Scouting, Casting, Rehearsing, Directing, Filming, Editing, Scoring... One doesn't realize how much is involved in a project until they are in it! My first short film was shot on 16mm Kodak film, (200T & 500T) through an Arri SR3 in Super 16, resulting in a 1.85 Aspect Ratio. Errors were made, flaws are present, but what a learning experience it all was! Everyone involved, from the actors, to the crew had never been part of film making. Perhaps it is very apparent at times, but I hope you enjoy the result. All criticism welcomed! I'll be back for more, and that's a threat! :D You can watch "Seeker" here: https://vimeo.com/295853319
  11. Thank you for the feedback and advice everyone! These were the scenes where it stood out to me most. Running time is about 17 mins, and there's a good portion of the film where there's a significant difference in visible grain. So, I am using that as reference to learn from. Thank you again, I will definitely use this information to my benefit moving forward!
  12. Adrian, I have already started such a book actually haha! Mark, I prefer the grain to what you describe as a "clean" digital image. I'll stick with film :D
  13. Thank you for the feedback everyone, it is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately I only had the chance to read one book on film lighting before shooting the project. I guess the contrast was not high enough in my readings! I have read Kris Malkiewicz's Film Lighting. Are there any other books on depth and lighting that you can recommend? Now that this project is ending, I would like to start my next real soon! Thank you again!
  14. Thank you again Adrian. I was not referring to the dust, scratch (and thankfully not here: hairs) as I am aware of those areas. I did not have any software to handle that clean up as my footage is Prores 4444 and not DPX that Davinci requires for the job. I think I was confusing the grain with noise, although I am aware they are different. I appreciate your feedback!
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