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  1. Thanks for the tips. I will make sure to post the results! Sean Donnelly Director of Photography Corduroy Media www.corduroymedia.com
  2. Depending on who is financing the rate could easily get into the 1K-1500K range...
  3. Hello All! I am just discovering this resource and loving it! Thanks to everyone who contributes such great information. I am an in-house San Francisco Bay Area DP at a production company called Corduroy Media (corduroymedia.com) and wanted to float a lighting set up for the group. I am working on a commercial for a tech client that takes place in an industrial, abandoned warehouse. The director and I settled on a moody vibe with strong shafts of light and strong edges on our characters. Because of the VFX involved and because we are shooting on the RED (a noisy camera in its own right) I want to be at f8 and IS0 400 for the show. Attached is a scout pic and inspiration images. My thought to get the look is the following: 3-4 Xenons outside kicking through windows with heat reducing gel/straw for warm glow DF50 Hazer 1 joker 800 with small softbox on menace arm for top light- key on actors 2 joker 800s on menace arms for strong scratch on actors (I was also thinking of turning these into jo-lekos) Any other thoughts? I am concerned about having enough value in the ceiling, but I think the Jokers/Xenons would bounce enough light from the ground to see the metal beams. Cheers, Sean Donnelly
  4. Thanks so much Bill, I will check it out. Cheers, Director of Photography Corduroy Media www.corduroymedia.com
  5. Hello, Does anyone have experience taking the ASC Masterclass (http://www.theasc.com/site/asc-master-class/)? I am considering it in 2016 but all information on the website is pretty thin. Thanks in advance Sean Donnelly Director of Photography Corduroy Media www.corduroymedia.com
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