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  1. Absolutely no offense taken. I appreciate very much that you took the time to write that. I will most certainty take your advice to heart! Thank you!
  2. I want it to look really cinematicy, I know that might sound pretty ignorant or cheesy but, I turned down the contrast and such. Just feel like it isn't coming out in the way that I had expected my stuff to look like. Even just this video I was just watching the quality of the picture looks SOOO different from what I get.
  3. Ok thank you for the suggestions. Another quick question while I have both of you here, you may notice that even in areas that are lit pretty well the shot seems kinda dark, any suggestions for that?
  4. Here is the raw video. https://youtu.be/Jix1DMXFHDk Picture looks VERY off to me, can't quite put my finger on what it is but some help would be much appreciated :)
  5. Hello, My names Trevor, I've been getting super into film over the past few years and am by no means an expert in the slightest. I got my first camera a few months ago (Nikon D3300), and I know all about settings, set-up, etc, I run on manual. Anyway I've been doing more and more test videos in different situations and no matter where I am no matter how low the ISO is, the shot always seems to have a TON of noise and be very dark. I put a sample shot below. Camera: Nikon D3300 Lens: Kit 18-55mm Settings: 800 ISO f. 3.5 Any help/advice is extremely appreciated! (Don't know if it's me or the camera but I feel really held back by the quality I'm getting.) Yes I know its very out of focus, wasn't bothering with focusing.
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