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  1. Thanks for all this replies!! I understand that it is pretty expensive to shoot with super 8. But regarding the telecine, I don't think I will need that. Right? From what I've researched, I would just need to pay for my film stocks to be developed and digitized. After digitization, I can just edit all of my footage on final cut right? Regarding the suggestion for the black magic camera, I am saving up for that as well... But I am really interested in learning about the ole' fashion film. Since I was born in '97, I have never had any experiences with film and think it will be a good learning experience. One more question to everyone. It seems cheaper for me to purchase cameras such as the 514xl, or cameras that can only shoot in 18 fps. If I shoot something in 18 fps, would I have to have it scanned in 24 fps? Even if I plan filming the entirety of the film in 18 fps? I'm not looking to have my super 8 films shown through film projectors, just as a regular video file. Thanks again to everyone that responded!
  2. Yes, I understand that. But I understand that many of the super 8 cameras have different fixed lenses in which I cannot replace. So shouldn't I mind the camera with a better lens or does it not matter as much in super 8 than digital
  3. Follow up question, I notice that in many eBay postings the automatic zoom or exposure systems do not work. But most of these cameras have manual zoom and exposure systems correct? So the automatic components shouldn't be a big deal right?
  4. Hi! I am a student filmmaker looking to shoot some experimental films with a super 8. I've been eyeing a couple of Canon 814 xl-s and zooms. Because these cameras are so old, are there a lot of chances for mold in the lens? Also, are there any other good affordable super 8 cameras for a film student? Keep in mind I'm a freshman in college so anything more than $120 would considerably put a dent in my wallet. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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