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  1. I have a tripod head for real cheap I could sell you. Bogen 3066, only $80
  2. Definitely need to make sure the audio for your narration is consistent. People blatantly sounded like they were recording on different mics or room spaces. Filmmaking is 60% audio 40% visual
  3. So a year ago my main workhorse was the Atomos Samurai Blade SDI recorder. Every now and then I would turn it certain ways to use as a reference monitor and noticed the motions of my hands had significantly more latency than the regular LCD screen built into the camera (Sony F3 at the time) Had a few hunches on what the issue could be so I guess pick a number? Or I'm a total idiot and none of the above? 1. Cheaper recording monitors have more latency 2. When monitors are primed to record they'll inherently have more latency 3. The SDI output of the camera will always have significantly more latency than any built-in viewing references 4. Something is mechanically broken/set up wrong Thanks to everyone who is smarter than me at this.
  4. Exactly.. also still haven't gotten that check (And yes have paid my taxes)
  5. If the COVID lockdown actually lasts a year how many of these theaters can expect to survive? I think it was Trolls World Tour that did a digital release, charging $20 and when they do digital they keep like 80% of revenue? As opposed to theaters apparently claiming half of said revenue?And then AMC theaters is having that dispute with Universal... Theaters were dying before a pandemic but a year of zero revenue is sure to speed up that process.
  6. After working with some GH5 footage... GH5 is kinda lame for the price. Get a Sony F3 The sensor is tiny and the skintone highlights are very video-ish, making a pretty unremarkable image.
  7. Well no specifically gaussian blurring the tiniest details
  8. You can say this about 99% of movies and it's still accurate.
  9. Not to get political but... I've noticed cameras with broadcast workflows haven't dipped a bit. Shock footage for the news is big business right now.
  10. Hey was wondering if anyone else worked with this sensor in the past. It seems pretty nice but I just wanted to know what ISO it's roughly rated at and about how many stops of dynamic range it boasts. Thanks ...and sorry for bringing up irrelevant cameras.
  11. Includes camera body, HDVF-20A viewfinder, and a Miranda MDC-900 HD-SDI converter About 4500 hours on body for the low low price of $1100 plus shipping!
  12. I am vicious with their buyer protection. "Yeah uh the microphone had a slight ding in it leading to an altered frequency response at 2000hz, this item is no longer fully functional although the USED tagline clearly states FULLY functional" Free rentals
  13. I'm annoyed that people ignore the elephant in the room. People are going to pigeon hole you as non-essential and under the table business if you're commissioning NSFW things, which is literally all you've linked in this thread. Wouldn't be surprised if many of these artists are contacting you with a burner account so their reputation doesn't take a hit for working on whatever you have (or take a hit for flaking).
  14. Camera in the title, hopefully someone has one of these lying around.
  15. Priced to sell: $3,900 OBO - buyer pays shipping
  16. Given the nature of what you're commissioning I wouldn't be surprised if they took it because they were slow on gigs and then their regular jobs picked back up. For $25 a panel, you get what you pay for.
  17. BUMP NEW PRICE $4,200 - buyer pays shipping
  18. 5th Element is one of the most cross-medium influential films of the last 25 years.
  19. Wanted to get a thread going of shots from films that either really impacted you creatively, show immense skill, or you just plain love. Will post mine later.
  20. I know there's the MD control, but is there specifically and Optical lowpass filter plug-in for Resolve? I know Darktable has one for working with raw stills. Or is MD control the same thing?
  21. Given there's production notes still on the cut, this might be too early in the process for anyone to for sure know what you're going for. On some of the shots it felt like there was intentional handheld shaking trying to be added, just let your hands naturally shake and the effect will happen nicely.
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