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  1. Take note of the blue light bleeding in at the top right corner: This was shot on an Arri Alexa EV with a 50mm Zeiss CP2. 2 Arri 650s about 7.5 feet high pointing down at a cross to backlight the talent. The big question I have is on the science for intentionally creating more light bleeds like this, I'm in love with the look. I try to trigger it through just fiddling with angles but I have no real consistent way of knowing how to make it happen every time. Is it dependent on the lens? Does sensor size affect it? Intensity of the light? Please, any knowledge you have on this will benefit me greatly. Thanks as always!
  2. Just saw this on Christmas. Aperture felt wide open the entire time, was it one of the more difficult pictures to pull focus for? And did you go to the Checkers across the street from the Bronx stairs after wrapping? I visited the stairs and was way too happy to see a Checkers was right next to it. Also wanted to comment on the scissor stabbing scene. It's very rare, if not the first time, you get to see that level of horror movie gore with a completely casual tone. Maybe the most memorable scene of the film. Most visually impressive film I've seen this year... but my opinion doesn't mean much as I've only seen like 3 movies this year...
  3. Let's watch RED Cameras plummet even further on the used market in 2020!
  4. Which AC's job is it to calibrate the flange distance on each lens? I tried doing it on one of mine and could get it close but never exact. Or is that the job of the rental house when preparing a camera/lens package? I'd love to go purely off of measurements because I'm sick of having to squint-eye the monitor all the time.
  5. I've said this multiple places: Never found a Rode mic that beat every competitor at the same price point.
  6. I would post the sound clips you had, great is a matter of opinion.
  7. I'll be honest... barely any money in Youtube unless you're a huge channel. You could ask for 60% or 0% of all profits and you'd be left with a similar amount of money. Get as much flat rate as you can.
  8. Can you make a video demonstrating that? I can do that when it goes low down but I can't figure out the hand placement for it being above chest level.
  9. I've used the Zoom H4N and H6. H6 has much better GUI and more ins and outs, so to me the better buy. Whatever you do, do not use the built in microphones, they pick up vibrations and wind in the ugliest of ways. Also just don't really even sound that good. Always use an XLR mic into the input for the microphone aspect.
  10. Man this Phil Rhodes guy's been everywhere lately!
  11. Thanks for that end of it. What about when people say a camera would lose resolution in the red channel? Do different companies select the crushing of the chroma resolution through different methods?
  12. I can't remember where, but I heard that each of the 3 numbers in the chroma subsampling is a representative of a different tone in the RGB colorspace? If it's 422 it goes like 4=G:2=R:2=B ? Is this how it works or is it more correlated to how the colors will lose resolution evenly from a geometric perspective? Thanks
  13. Timecoded here in the video is the cameraman pointing at the singer with the camera at shoulder level, with no elevated point of standing at all. Or holding a mini camera for that matter. The fact we see that there is what drives me even crazier into this mystery
  14. No but I keep saying that they had the camera up 5 feet in the air consistently while doing the spin in my sample. How would they be gripping it to get it to spin that quickly up there?
  15. I understand the spinning of a small DV camera but doesn't the amount of highlights in the lens flare suggest a longer ENG style lens due to more glass elements? Whatever it is, it's set to a wide angle. What small DV cameras would ABC have used back then? I can't imagine such a big network getting a bunch of VX1000s running around (I also wasn't seeing any in the rest of the footage I skimmed, thought it's possible I missed something) Obviously that wouldn't matter for the sake of shooting in 2019, but if it was not a small camera, there's some rig or technique to learn about.
  16. I had known of that rig in the past, but there's no way they had that giant thing on stage with the talent. Maybe, but the camera wasn't that low in the original example. It's brain-bending on how they did this...
  17. For older pictures shot on F900 or D20 there were film prints made just because that was the workflow a lot of cinemas were still using at the time. I love when the home releases for digitally produced things use a film scan instead of the digital master.
  18. What handheld cameras did they have with BNC outs back then?
  19. I was watching an old re upload of the Disney Summer Jam 1999 concert and there was a shot where I think it was a flawless barrel roll spin of the camera on one of the backup singers. Here is a link providing all necessary samples: https://imgur.com/a/rJ5xYGZ Was this done with just an ENG camera and nice hands? Is there a rig I'm unaware of? The fact they did this in a broadcast workflow astounds me. All answers appreciated!
  20. I bought an Alexa classic last summer because someone was selling it ridiculously low and did a couple shoots with it. You will not find a better looking camera in terms of skin tones and color science period (unless it's another Arri product). Also doesn't overheat like RED. Far more suited for a studio setting than anything else. Hit me up if you want to buy, I might need spare cash this month.
  21. I went to a machinist last week to invent a little baby pin with a 5/8 27 threading at the end of it to easier integrate my microphone clips into my lighting rigs for overheads. I googled for months and couldn't find a piece exactly like that. Anyone else have little quick tools custom made for their specific workflows?
  22. No what I'm saying is, let's say you're correct about a couple schools here and there. They are still massively outweighed by the bad schools which have far more money for advertising. Hence why I graded my accuracy. You being from the UK and me being from USA might have a big part in our disagreement. In USA kids exit secondary school at 18 and are forced to go to a University straight out of the gate. Secondary education ends for you guys at 16? Then there's some college thing that's 16-18? Then you go to Universities? That difference there probably leads to a very different way higher education is marketed. The American University system is not only ineffective for creating competent set workers, but also exploitative by coming into high schools and advertising that they're the only route to kids as young as 15. I say they're ineffective because the staggering majority of media/film schools here teach film theory, only providing education for producers/directors/screenwriters, when we both know the number of jobs for those positions is minuscule compared to camera department, grips, gaffers, set builders, etc. Kids going to film school in the NYC area told me that NYU owns the rights to your picture if you shoot using their gear? Like maybe the NFTS doesn't do that? But I don't think most kids here have the money to study abroad.
  23. If I'm only right about 98% of them being a joke then that's still an A grade, no?
  24. Fun little story on that. I was teaching a workshop to a guy currently attending film school and he wanted me to go over how exposure, stops, and dynamic range worked like essential knowledge within the technical end of cinematography. I asked why his school wasn't teaching it and he said they only did that end of education for the advanced students. Film school is a joke.
  25. I'm not an engineer by any means but essentially he routes something directly from the sensor to an internetal chip/converter thing, then runs that to the SxS slots.
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