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  1. The David Mullen on the right would give Avril Lavigne a run for her money! That effect is coming back to me now, back when I would DNR with a Canon t2i. Thanks for the visualization. So would you say there was an intentional choosing of a higher ASA stock to intentionally get that look? Or a happy accident?
  2. Here's a link to it in motion if that helps at all. (At 1:30 if it doesn't timecode)
  3. Was re-watching Avril Lavgine's first music video and they had this portrait lens close up shot How exactly could a DoP go about getting the skin tones this plasticy? Almost doll-like. Obviously the lack of blemishes is just make-up but there's a certain polish to the skin overall. Thanks for any tips.
  4. I get tired of people assuming that I want to watch every "high-brow" film that comes out because I educated myself in film production.
  5. That's IMDB's recency buffer, it'll fall back down to a 7 in a few years. This is a true professional.
  6. They're kinda baby movies. No deep real-world situations demonstrated in any of them to my memory, I stopped watching after the first Avengers. That being said, baby movies can still have master-level production value. How is Scorsese disliking Marvel movies a shock to anyone??
  7. So I'm using the Blackmagic Decklink to rip some BetacamSP tapes. In the software itself everything records and plays back fine. The issue is when I have another media player or editing software try reading it what I believe is an uncompressed 10-bit video file. I've tried multiple recording format options, and sometimes the video codec doesn't fly, and other times the audio codec doesn't fly. VLC tells me the "r210" codec cannot be read. I tried Googling but no one is giving me a clear download of what codec pack to get. Also Blackmagic tech support has been apathetic trash towards my situation. Does anyone have any leads? Thanks.
  8. If the look you're going for is a calm overcast your forest test shots actually look pretty nice to me as is.
  9. Almost every day I run into an issue on this forum where I need to post a follow-up message or make an additional post in another category and it forces me to wait like 45 seconds. Sometimes I end up just closing the tab without posting. Is there any way this feature could be adjusted? This is the only forum I go on that has this restraint.
  10. It's 10bit 4:2:2 for me, I don't use the tape
  11. Is it any different from the SLOG in the F900?
  12. That happens in the optics and not post-production. I used to get it a ton when I'd use LED panels as rim lights.
  13. I need to consult someone who works with hair for the screen. Anyone have that kind of connection? Wanted to ask a couple questions to someone experienced. Thanks
  14. Throw away that book too and find a way to shoot 14 hours a day for a year.
  15. Does anyone know of a production house selling off all their old gear from the 90's? I need a production-grade VCR for some tapes I'd like to make. I specifically want a tested Panasonic AG-7350, but other models could be fine. Thanks.
  16. Need one of those stand alone tripods that can get down to around a foot in height while still being able to smoothly pan with a 5-9lb rig. Anyone have anything lying around?
  17. I love super-wides for handheld long-take shots. It's stabilization via the lens
  18. Short answer is; breathing is the slight zooming of the image that appears when pulling focus. Expensive lenses tend to have less breathing.
  19. Literally the greatest glass I will probably ever get my hands on. If someone releases a small camera with a 2/3inch HDR sensor these lenses will triple in price. I was told they have the clarity of Ultra Primes. Surprised someone out there hasn't tried designing speed-boosters specifically for the Digirpimes to go onto modern cameras.
  20. ...I just saw how cheap they are and now want to buy some to complete my own collection..... sorry..
  21. I have some if you're looking to buy.
  22. If we look into the raw definition of creativity, then yeah no way in hell do drugs make someone more creative. The world drugs expose you to will make one more of a divergent thinker, but that doesn't mean a whole lot if it isn't put towards a production.
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