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  1. I heard when it came to animated proof of concept things like pitch pilots, even if it's good it potentially hurts your chances for getting picked up. They say it makes you look desperate.
  2. Yeah I had a bunch of fun shoots planned that all resulted in refunded United tickets.
  3. I feel like I had the Coronavirus last month because I had a sore throat that lasted way longer than usual in addition to a cough. I rarely ever get coughs. Now just trying to think of who I came in contact with over that period lol.
  4. Didn't you post this exact same thread last month?
  5. A great condition RED Scarlet-X camera, uses MX sensor not the dragon sensor. $4,900 or better offer - buyer pays shipping Included in package: -Camera itself -Side control grip -5" monitor (With cable -2 128gb SSDs -2 64gb SSDs -Mag reader -2 REDvolt batteries (With chargers) -AC adapter Let me know if you have any questions, thanks! Can also email at: maxwf94 AT aol.com
  6. Before anyone makes any claims on what their eyes perceive, it's important to take one of these tests first: https://www.xrite.com/hue-test As for my own experience, your brain tricks your eyes into a nearly automatic white balance. We get used to certain tones and when a new one is introduced we sort of slowly get accustomed to it. When I first saw tungsten light from a real fixture I thought it was insanely yellow. For a year I had a 2200K bulb in my bedroom, then when I flipped on an MR head, it seemed pretty white to me. I guess we have color meters for a reason idk.
  7. I read last year how the RED mags were very standard SSDs with a conversion pin making them proprietary. How big is the market for knockoff mags now that this is old news? I'd like to buy some, or pay to have some assembled....
  8. Dude I would go insane if I went through all that effort of shooting film on location and my reel came back like that....
  9. Personal message me if you're interested in one or multiple of these: 2x Arri 650 1x Arri 300 2x Mole Richardson 1K 1x Mole Richardson 2k (doesn't include barndoors) Each in the ballpark of $200-$350, will offer bundle deal if multiple are purchased. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks!
  10. "Serving the story" is a phrase used here a lot. Beyond looking at the logistical stats of a lens (how fast, how heavy), just the overall look of how the glass renders images will be considered for the kind of mood it sets. Warm, soft, cold, sharp, or spacious are just a few of the attributes someone may look at when deciding on a prime set.
  11. Just wanted to gather some firsthand experiences with this Litepanels lite. Seems like the LED version of a Maxi Brute which I've wanted for a while. I see it doesn't need a ballast which comes off as a serious plus, is there some loud fan? Or a horrible CRI? Let me know, thanks!
  12. Not sure if you're willing to break the set up, but I've been looking for a 100mm bowl head like that. I live close to Queens so could do the pickup. Might also be willing to buy more depending on what's available. Please let me know, thanks. RIP Bill.
  13. Hey so I have one Cardelini clamp which will spin all the way to the end with one strong push of the tightener. I have another than can never go down more than a couple rotations. Should I be oiling the screw part of the clamp? Or is my clamp just cheap/broken? Thanks for any and all input!
  14. I'm sure they'll have some magical loophole to get out of their deal.
  15. Someone at B&H demoed the 300D to me and it seemed to be worth the money... probably buy it used so save more though. New techs always plummet within a decade.
  16. So all I've gathered is that essentially nothing separates a DoP with 2 years experience versus 25 years experience.
  17. I actually intentionally did this for my most recent shoot. Those Kino ballasts offer so much flexibility for such an old technology.
  18. Something can be final rendered in 1080p but realistically only have the resolution of 480p, it happens all the time. I have friends who render 240p footage in 4K as a joke, knowing Youtube will give the little button for it.
  19. Please reply or message if you have any used 100mm ball tripod heads (about 25lbs capacity or more), or if you have a Dana Dolly kit for sale. Thanks and have a nice day.
  20. To me what's an even bigger pain than focus pulling is calibrating the shims in the lens so the measurements are honest.
  21. Lately my brain looks at a reel or a short film and looks for the essential technicalities (proper exposure, dynamic framing, etc). I put projects in the box of either amateur or professional off of seeing those essentials met. Most of the longtime posters here have that professional look in my opinion. What I wanted to know is what separates the professional DoP from the even better professional DoP? What are things you look for that really tell you someone has 20+ years of experience/education?
  22. Sorry if I get red arrows for this but... you signed up for media/film school without being passionate enough about it to have your own thoughts burning in your mind to write about?
  23. Genuinely wondering your visual thoughts on this project shot on a Canon 5D mark 2.
  24. Literally the only films that entertain me anymore break most conventional screenwriting rules. And they aren't weird art films. The Visit, Crank 2, The Guest, Freddy Got Fingered: pictures like this are gaining sizable followings with the 16-30 crowd years after release. Watch Tim & Eric Awesome Show or The Eric Andre Show, these are big hits utilizing a more extreme form of visual prose.
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