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  1. Hello, I'm selling a Sony Venice + Rialto kit. Very good condition and ready to shoot, it's a complete kit! VENICE 1 6K camera body PL + E mount 900H Full Frame + Anamorphic + HFR Licenses Viewfinder DVF-EL200 + VF cable RAW/XOCN recorder AXS-R7 + Battery plate adapter AXS-CR1 card reader + USB3 cable + power adapter SONNET SXS PRO + USB-C cable (NEW 2022) 3 x 512 GB X-OCN S48 cards 3 x 240 GB SxS Pro SBP-240F cards ((NEW 2022) 1 x sony HC1 32GB SD card 1 x Top Plate for Sony Venice 1/2 (NEW ARRI KIT 2022) 1 x Plate for Sony Venice 1/2 1 x Broadcast Shoulder Adapter BSA-1 1 x Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5 1 x Center Camera Handle CCH-4 1 x Sliding Adapter CCH-4 1 x Side Bracket Right for Sony Venice 1/2 1 x Side Bracket Left for Sony Venice 1/2 1 x Handle Extension HEX-2 1 x EVF Bracket for Sony DVF-EL200 1 x Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1 1 x Support Rods 340mm 1 x Wooden Camera D-Box power strip for V-mount (NEW 2022) 1 x Wooden Camera A-BOX - XLR adapter 1 x Nanuk 960 case SONY Rialto extension kit 1x Base Plate for Venice Ext. Unit (NEW ARRI KIT 2022) 1x Top Plate for Venice Ext. Unit 1x Side Bracket Right for Venice Ext. Unit 1x Side Bracket Left for Venice Ext. Unit 1x Cable Clamp for Venice Ext. Unit 1x Back Plate for Venice Ext. Unit 1x Rosette Adapters, RA-6, pair 1x Cage Top Handle, CTH-1 1 x LA-112 Hawk Woods 3pinRS(m)-3pinRS (NEW 2022) 1 x Wooden Camera D-Box Link power strip for Rialto (NEW 2022) 1 Easyrig Adapter plate for Venice 1 x Nanuk 930 Case Price: €58K OBO Shipping worldwide. Thanks
  2. I'm parting with my ARRIFLEX 416 PLUS HIGHSPEED (150FPS) Very rare camera..Full working package, ARRI416plusHS body with V-Mount oppenheimer adapter, IVS PAL, 4 mags 400ft, med & long viefwinder extension, 15&19mm bridge plate, shoulderpad, harrison medium film tent, AJA V2DIGITAL HD/SD Analog to Digital, shutter tool, 1.78GG, arri handle, powercable,.. In perfect working condition. More info via info@driesdc.be Only serious enquiries & offers please, no brokers or dealers. Shipping worldwide from Belgium.
  3. Super Baltar Set For Sale Refurbished and Modernized by DUCLOS; Last service in August 2016 €24000 25mm T2.3 35mm T2.3 50mm T2.3 Selling my beloved Super Baltars; Original housing, PL mount, focus gears, hard stops on iris and focus and they come with original frontcaps. Hard rear cap by Duclos. Some signs of wear on housing due age; some faint cleaning marks on 25 and 35 but doesn't affect the image.No Haze, No Fungus! Hate to let them go but i got my eyes on another set.. Footage & stills, shot with these beauties.. https://vimeo.com/186261115 https://vimeo.com/215872439 http://driesdc.be/shortfilm-maffia-b...ostproduction/ Open to serious offers.. pictures upon request contact via mail info@driesdc.be
  4. Hello, Looking to extend my groundglass collection for my ARRI 416 plushs.. all offers welcome at info@driesdc.be Thanks
  5. Hello Looking to purchase an Arri 416 package. Aaton Xtera offers are welcome as well.. Email or PM details to: info@driesdc.be Thanks.
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