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  1. Looking tp purchase a C-stand cart with wheels to hold 10-15 c stands. Essentially it's like a dolly, but they are all so super expensive? Any reccomendations on something under $500?
  2. Hey guys I'm looking to buy a 6' x 6' snapgrid for my butterfly frame, but the official snapgrids from DOP choice are just too expensive. https://www.dopchoice.com/product/sgf66w50/ Is there a company out there that sells a cheaper alternative for purchase?
  3. The only balloon light brand I know of right now is made by Sourcemaker. Are there any budget friendly alternatives? Maybe a chinese knock off? Looking for the large tube lights that float overhead to use for night exteriors.
  4. I'm always been interested in hooking up lights to DMX, but avoided it because it seemed confusing and complicated. A friend of mine showed me a software called Vezer which seemed much more simplified to program and keyframe DMX lights, similar to keyframing in Premiere Pro. But it only works on Mac and I'm a PC guy. Any recommendations on PC software like Vezer that I could look into? I have an Arri L7-C that I will be practicing with.
  5. I'm always been interested in hooking up lights to DMX, but avoided it because it seemed confusing and complicated. A friend of mine showed me a software called Vezer which seemed much more simplified to program and keyframe DMX lights, similar to keyframing in Premiere Pro. But it only works on Mac and I'm a PC guy. Any recommendations on PC software like Vezer that I could look into? I have an Arri L7-C that I will be practicing with.
  6. I know the types of flares are mainly caused by the optics of the lens. But I'm specifically looking for brand and models of flashlights you guys might use to shine into the lens to create flares. Looking for a pretty sharp and strong beam of light to use.
  7. I want to create a sunset gradient on a white cyc wall for a shoot in 3 days and looking for advice on how to do so. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjo35Szl_HhAhUMc98KHWPEC3sQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fhtmldog.com%2Fguides%2Fcss%2Fadvanced%2Fgradients%2F&psig=AOvVaw3Xlncuh0SswTLnPR2uaSk4&ust=1556485725227067 Either red, orange, yellow link the picture in the link or maybe orange and white. My two thoughts were: 1.) Get a skypanel s60, cover the top half of the panel with an orange gel and leave the bottom half exposed shining white light. Will this give me a gradient on the wall or a hard line? If I want to do the 3 color gradient, Ill cut strips equal strips of red, orange and yellow and shine white light through it 2.) My other idea was to get an empty 4x4 frame, cut the golored gel strips and clamp to that frame and shine a bright light through the geled frame. Another variation would be to add diffusion to the inside of the frame, but I assume that will spread my light too much and i'll lose the gradient effect. Thought on these methods? Any other ideas I should try out?
  8. Hey guys, I shot on RED Dragon or Gemini. I usually use a plugin to clean up flickering shots after the fact. However, is there a way I cant set my camera to shoot the shot and avoid the flicker altogether? When shooting slowmo outside under different street lights, it does not appear to flicker on my RED touch screen. You'd won't even know if flickers until you home to review footage. Is there a certain way I can set my camera and/or shutter to avoid flicker in the shot?
  9. Thank you for your answer. So just to be 100% clear, I CAN power my m18 off of a regular, non-inverter generator, and still operate safely without damaging the light, correct?
  10. I have a circular Hoya polarizer which helps make my skies more vibrant and blocks reflected light so I can see through windows mostly in the day time. However it does not get rid of all reflections on glass especially at night. When I am shooting night time interiors, I can still see reflections of the lights and everything else in the room from the windows in the room we are shooting. Is there anyway to fix that?
  11. I want to re-create this shot of multiple rays coming out from the center like this shot of Nicki in the chair with the pink aura around her. What type of light makes this? I assume some type of stage light? https://youtu.be/-fZ7Gb532Ew?t=38s
  12. I read online that you can ONLY use HMI lights with inverter generators. Question 1: What would happen if I tried to power an M18 with a generator that was not inverter? It's just a regular gas genny. Would that damage the light or ballast? Would it just not work? Questions 2: I have a Ryobi 1800w running watt, 2300 starting watt generator seen here: I'm told that hmi's require a higher wattage when striking. Would I be able to strike an m18 with this Ryobi generator? Is 2300 enough to strike it? What's the wattage required to strike? Question 3: If I tried to strike the m18 on that ryobi genny and it was not enough power, what would happen? Would the light just not turn on? Is there any risk of damaging the light when you try to strike it and there is not sufficient power?
  13. I've seen this effect alot. Wondering what was used to make it. I assume they are putting some sort of glass distortion in front of the lens? Any insight as to what it was? Has anybody recreated this effect before? The flickering and shakiness of the effect later in the video makes me think its more that putting a glass bulb in front of lens? https://youtu.be/KAfOI37aK4A?t=2m57s can be seen at 3:02, 3:07, 3:55 and a REALLY extreme cool version of it at 4:12
  14. What's the best way to create this effect? Is it as simple as placing a cookie cutter with bars in front of light source? I've done that before but the edges were not as sharp as these photographs. Are they using something else? Maybe is this a source 4 with a gobo?
  15. At the beginning of the movie Belly, the bad guys walk into a strip club in slow motion under strong blacklights. I want to recreate this blacklight look, shooting on RED Raven (dragon sensor) I know I will need alot of light for this, and blacklights are already not very bright. Looking for advice on lights bright enough to recreate that where I can either move them backwards in front of talent as they walk forward or maybe have several of them placed overhead down the path the talent plans to walk. Ideas? Are there any super strong black lights I can rent? Or maybe is there a blacklight gel I can throw over an HMI to get the same effect? I will be shooting this weekend in New York so looking for answers fast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRaN7wB85a4 Thanks
  16. I'm going to build off of the setup in the attached picture for a hip hop cypher video. I'm going to build a 2 level pyramid stage for the rapper to stand on. The base will be a 5ft x 5ft square. He will be surrounded by 4 pillars (as seen in the picture) with 8 ft. kino bulbs attached to them. I want the key light to be a diffused top light, but controlled so that the field of light only covers roughly the perimeter of the 5'x5' stage. I don't want it to be a broad diffused light from the top that is hitting everything; I'm trying to create pockets of light and pockets of dark for a contrasty feel to the scene, but without super harsh face shadows. I want to see a difference in the light emitting from the quasars on the pillars and the key top light from above, and not spilling into each other. The perimeter of both levels on the standing stage will be lined with small LED strips which are mainly there for show, but may also serve as a slight under fill on the rapper. To achieve this directional, diffused top light, my first thought was to get 2 or 3, 4-bank kino fixtures and replace them with the brighter Quasar bulbs and mount them overhead. I'd cover them with light diffusion silk to soften. Then I'd use a black skirt that matches the perimeter of the stage to try and create a sharper field of light shining down in a more concentrated blast and not spilling everywhere. I assume the longer the skirt hangs, the more directional the light. A light haze will be in the room to show the rays coming down. One concern is that, for the amount of space we have overhead (square footage of lights mounted inside skirt and diffusion should match the 5x5 ft stage) I'm not sure if the diffused, skirted, quasars will be bright enough to get the "large soft, heavenly light ray from above" feel that I'm going for. I'm curious to hear of other ways to get this same type of light. Maybe there's another method that is more efficient? Maybe I should just get 1 x 1200w hmi and blast through diffusion? Pros & Cons? Other methods? I'd like to hear yall's suggestions. Thanks!
  17. I'm putting together a pitch for a digital webseries that will start with a profile/bio of budding rap stars and lead to a "Cypher" on the grand stage. The overall feel of the episodes will feel gritty, rough, hardened to give the idea that these guys are "from the streets". (Think "8 mile" movie rap battles) It will be shot on RED Dragons. The look will feel like a stylized music video. Initially it will be digital content but we will push to try and get it on TV. I'm curious to hear any suggestions on lens choice to match something like this?
  18. I'm looking to mimic this fight scene from the matrix with bright flashing lights outside these windows - supposedly lightning from the storm outside. (see attached 1-3) My assumption at first was that they maybe had some HMI's hooked up to flicker boxes. But then I thought that HMI's have issues with hot strikes so maybe that's not what was used? Can an hmi work on a flicker box to simulate lighting? If so, what reccomendations of a flicker box do you reccomend I use? If I can't use an HMI to simulate lightning with flicker, how else can I achieve this effect? I'm hoping to only use 2 light sources that are bright enough to shine through windows like this and get reflections on the floor and walls? Some how I need that flicker effect done even if it's not from a flicker box. You can see more of the fight scene in motion at: https://youtu.be/0EpC2T00PAE?t=3m32s Also attached is the building I will be shooting in and the windows I'll be shining through. All advice welcome!
  19. The goal is to recreate the classic/cheesy effect of driving in a stationary car but projecting a moving background environment behind the car so it looks like he's driving. http://pics.imcdb.org/784/electionprojectionmercedes.jpg I'm going to shine a projector on a white cyc wall behind the car and do mainly frontal shots. Any reccomendations on specifically which projector I should rent for this? Model name? If not, approx. how many lumens should the projector be to match the brightness of the background in the photo above? I'm sure rear projection through some type of glass is what's normally used, but I dont believe we will have access to something like that at the white cyc studio. Also any tips?
  20. Hey guys, I'm planning a "matrix-style" fight scene for a production soon in Dallas, TX. The type of fights where you punch the guy and he goes flying across the room. Lots of aerial tricks etc. I know I'm going to need a wire harness for this to hoist up the actor while doing the stunts, but I've never used one before. I plan to hire a vfx guy for wire removal in post. I've got a few questions: 1. How do I go about finding a wire harness to rent for the production? I don't have a producer yet on the project, but I'm starting preliminary preparation and I'm just curious on alot of things because I've never dealt with this before. 2. What is needed from the location/space to phsyically pull this off? I assume the ceiling needs to have heavy beams that the rig can attach to to support the weight? I've seen it attached to condors/cranes on movie sets, but I doubt we will have the budget to get one of those. 3. Just incase, what's the rate to rent a small crane for something like that? Just a ballpark would be fine, I'm new to all of this. 4. Any tips or things I should look out for when using this rig for the first time? 5. I assume I need to hire some type of technician to ensure the rig is being used properly and safely? 6. Anyone recommend a producer in Dallas Texas that can help me pull this off?
  21. I oftne see DP's using china balls or space lights to bring up the ambient light in the room. Essentially, bouncing a light off the ceiling (I assume) does the same thing. I've been bouncing to bring up ambient but considering china balls. What are the advantages, if any, of using a china ball instead? Just that you have more control over the spill/throw by adding skirts? Is there any difference in the quality of light that is put out?
  22. Hey guys, going to be shooting a spoof of a cooking show for a music video. I'm sure we all know the "look". Seems to be evenly lit, bright lighting, minimal shadows, relatively flat. How are these cooking shows normally lit? I assume alot of large soft sources from above shining down? I'll be trying to replicate this (on a budget of course) and looking for the best way to do it. Anyone with experience on these types of set have advice? We are going to use a lookalike for martha stewart, paula dean, or rachel ray, I'm not sure which one yet. I've attached pics, but you can google "cooking show"
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