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  1. So I read on another thread I may get better low light images using faster film with a non-XL shutter vs. an XL shutter with a finer grain film. Any experiences with that?
  2. As I'm still waiting for my 1014 Auto Zoom E to arrive, I find myself already thinking ahead to snagging a low-light camera to shoot 500 speed film indoors and outdoors. Thinking out loud, the Canon 310XL seems like a pretty good option. I know it only films at 18fps, but it's an f 1.0, and I figure if there is not a lot of movement in my shots, that might do the trick. Along those lines, I'm wondering if something like the Nikon Super Zoom 8 might work as well, or even better. I know the shutter angle isn't nearly as wide, but that tells me the frames will be a little sharper, and it does
  3. Has anyone ever used the Phottix TR-90 successfully for time lapse work with this camera? I need to know if it will work, or if I'm stuck with the little Canon time lapse thingie (to put it in technical terms). Which version of plug option do I order, if it's the TR-90? I'm new to the forum and new to Super 8. Looking forward to the education!
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