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    Arriflex 16S; Minolta R8-D10; Bolex K-2, Canon XL-1A.
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    More into cars than anything. My wife has an MB 560SL and I have a Ferrari Mondial QV Cabriolet. We're both amateur radio operators and I build vacuum tube audio equipment. Lynn is an avid pistol shooter, but I'm more in to rifles. We also do still photography and have a Nikon D2X, Nikon F4SP, Nikon D100 (wife's), and Rollei A110.
  1. I've got my 16S working. Got the obligatory Schneider 16mm lens, matte box, 400' mag, torque motor, and the angle finder. I also bought some of those ARRI battery packs that were on e-Bay and re-celled each with two 4 volt batteries connected in series. I purchased the charger that accompanies those battery packs and am going to install a 3055 voltage regulator (and varriable resistor) in line with the output so I can re-cahrge the battery packs. Currently, I purchased a "Deltran" 8 volt battery tender that I'm using to keep a charge on them. I've also fabricated some adaptive power cords
  2. Mark Day


    Just curious. I have an HL- V77 that uses the DVCPRO (not the mini DV) Tape. It's cosmetically in mint condition and all of the functions seem to operate as they should, without the lens. Before I invest in a lens (a couple of hundred dollars for a used one), I just wanted to get some opinions. Yes, it's an older one. I also have the Canon XL-1 that uses miniDV tapes. Kinda wanted to know which is gonna give me better image quality. Thanks.
  3. Mark Day


    Anyone ever use the Ikegamis for their "digital" work?
  4. 8MM Bolex K-2​Super 8 Minolta Autopak8-D10​16MM Arriflex 16S
  5. Well, here I go again, more stupid questions. From what I understand, I can forget about purchasing Kodachrome. It can't be processed anymore, right? Next, how about Ektachrome? Can it still be processed? I'm only interested in these films 'cause sometimes you can find outdated films at a very cheap price and I was just going to use them for practice purposes before I purchased the good stuff. Finally, I see 16mm films advertised as perforated on the "A" side and films perforated on the "B" side. I have an Arriflex 16S. Which one do I use? Can I use 16mm film perforated on both sides.
  6. Thanks. It's the 9 pin Amphenol. So I wire pins A and J with Pos. and B is Neg? 9 Pin Amphenol.
  7. Wow man, if you have a cord, I am definitely interested!
  8. Hey guys, I have a16BL and I need to connect power up to it for test purposes. I have none of the power cables. I need to find out which pins supply the power to the motor. Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for one of these? I have looked and looked 'til I'm magenta in the face. I have several 'user' and 'owner manuals', but no repair information. If everything is copacetic with this camera, I'm selling my 16S. Thanks!
  9. Mark Day

    Arriflex BL

    Thanks guys. You've been a great help.
  10. Mark Day

    Arriflex BL

    OK. When I put in "Arriflex Bayonet Mount", I don't really get a whole lot. An suggestions as to what the best "search" nomenclature would be?
  11. Mark Day

    Arriflex BL

    I did. There weren't a whole lot of choices, but I guess that's the way I'll go for the time being. Almost wish now I hadn't bought the camera. I have an Arriflex 16S. What do I need with another?
  12. Mark Day

    Arriflex BL

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I know about the blimped lenses. They're the ones I probably can't afford. I was just wondering what type of mount I need to look for on another style lens.
  13. Mark Day

    Arriflex BL

    Can anyone tell me what type of lens mount is on the Arriflex 16BL. I realize there are special (very expensive) lenses made specifically for that camera but the manual also gives me a choice of other lenses. Is the lens mount proprietary to this particular camera? Are there lens adapters? Thanks!
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