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  1. interested in the Arricam, can You send info please, Package details. thanks seamust.dp@gmail.com
  2. Hi Seamus 

    Are you still looking for a Arricam LT or a 235...

    I currently have both available for sale in the U.K - Please let me know if your interested and still looking 


    Many thanks Chris

    1. Seamus Tierney

      Seamus Tierney

      Yes I am still looking, want to send me some info on the packages with pics, maybe?



  3. PS let me know if you come across a minty 235 package.
  4. Spoke to them they are out, those are very old posts, but thanks for the heads-up. S
  5. Looking to buy an Arri 35mm package: Arricam LT/ST, Arri 235
  6. Cooke Optics Speed Panchro Prime Lens Set 18/25/32/40/50/75mm Re-Housed Re-Housed by whom Do you know which series the lens are Asking price. Thanks S
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