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  1. Hey gang, Haven't posted here before but I'm an avid reader. Thanks to everyone for your incredible insights over the years. I put together a lighting test with Dave Dugdale and a couple guys here in Denver to see how a few lights off of my truck compared when lighting an interview subject. We attempted to keep things scientific, though as we were doing the test we were reminded of the crazy number of variables there are when it comes to lighting. So we did our best with the gear we had to create some take aways. Check out this walkthrough video of tests we made.... https://youtu.be/5_3AgpU8o7U You can see some higher quality still comparisons here http://www.jdfnet.com/hmi-vs-led-vs-tungsten-vs-flo-light-tests/ I'm sure there's a number of things we can do different next time... please do share your thoughts on what was good, what was bad, and if we go for 2.0 what we might do differently! Thanks!!
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