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  1. So lets say I'm an individual who doesn't have much of a budget (I am and I don't) for expensive testing equiptment etc. Is there a fairly accurate way to measure the dynamic range of a camera? I did a little googling and wasn't too satisfied with the answers. I feel like there might be some way to do it by exposing a gray card properly and then exposing up and down to see when it blows out or loses detail...but I'm no expert at all. It SEEMS like there might be some kind of low tech solution like that and I just want to make sure I'm not missing it. Any suggestions?
  2. So I was watching arrival and I got to the part where they are approaching the spaceship and I thought...why does this footage look so muddy? It looks gray and kind of muddy. It almost looks like they dropped the log footage into the edit without a color correct. Obviously it's not quite as bad as all that, but I was looking at the trailer and found the same shot. Now THAT looks like how I would expect it to look. What's going on here? Is it just that when they released the trailer they hadn't finished the grade yet? You would think it would be easy enough for them to just grade the shots in the trailer how they were going to be graded for the final film. Also, is it just me that thinks the trailer looks better? I'm confused. What do you think? Bluray image: Trailer image:
  3. Which article are you referring to? I can't find any articles about it.
  4. I wondered the same thing but the fact that it went on for a couple minutes after the seizures were over made me guess maybe that wasn't the case. If it was just for VFX I feel like they would have storyboarded it out enough to realize it wouldn't be needed after the seizures were over. So do you think it was a high framerate that made it look so much like video? That was my guess as well, but I wondered if you wouldn't notice that much if there wasn't any fast motion.
  5. Ok. So I saw Logan tonight. Thought it was really good. I enjoyed it very much. Glad they took a risk and did something a little darker then their usual fare. Was a fitting end to an iconic character. So, for those of you who have seen it, did you notice the video look after both of Professor X's seizures? For maybe a minute or so after the image had a very "videoy" look. I can't put my finger on why it seemed that way though. And the people I was with didn't notice it. I asked them after. I'm not imagining that am I? Why did it look different? I thought maybe it was shot at 60fps or something, but since there wasn't really fast motion (i.e. not a lot of motion to blur) I feel like that wouldn't have given it away. So what made it look like video? I'm curious to see if anyone else experienced this.
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