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  1. Yes there are litemats available but as I've mentioned I am looking for RGB control. Also I don't think I mentioned being unable to rig to the ceiling, I just need the ease of being able to experiment with different color combinations. The director wants to option to choose on the day of the shoot so I don't really know what other option I have aside from renting RGB lights like a SkyPanel or a Select30, or to just buy a bunch of different colored gels for the Arri 1k and 650w lights I already have on hand. Thanks for the offer to rent though.
  2. Well, not that I'm going to rig the SkyPanel, seeing the overwhelming suggestion not to do it (rightly so) because of a lack of a crew, and its weight, I was assuming I wouldn't use DMX.
  3. Agreed. I'm just trying to figure the most effective way to get a sort of, softer than harder, flood of light to the subject, while they are surrounded in darkness. The director knows for certain that he wants a warm and red look, but he wants the option of possibly trying other color combos, so that's why I needed an LED with RGB control. I have access to Arri tungsten lights but I would have to buy gels and in my mind it's better to have as many options as possible, opposed to whatever gels we end up buying, especially if the budget allows for good quality lighting. My only options from the
  4. unfortunately, no Litemats available.
  5. The speelrail is going to be 12 feet. I want the light to be softer than harder. When you are mentioning a ceiling bounce, how would you set that up? The height of the space I'm shooting in is 13ft. The look I am going for is having this character surrounded by light from above and for it to be creating almost a spotlight like look from above and surrounded in darkness, in wider shots. Also I'm not going to transition from warm to red in real time, so I don't need to be using a dmx.
  6. The thing is halfway through the video the light changes from a warm look to completely red. I found out that I will have an Arri 650 and a 1k, so I could put a red gel on them and rig on them up but I don't want that strong of a light, and I don't know how to rig diffusion on a goalpost. I could also rent either the S30, which would be lighter in weight or I could rent the Select30. But I have a natural reaction to want to rent a Skypanel over the Select30 if I have the budget to do so.
  7. * I found another rental house that is a bit further away from me but that I would be willing to drive to get the gear. I realize that there are videos online on how to do this goalpost set up but I just wanted to confirm with anyone who has experience. They have Mini Mombo Combo stands, with and without wheels, so I just wanted to know if the safer bet would be to go with the stand without wheels. This place also has speed rails and pretty much any clamp I would need. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone, so I am shooting a music video in a few weeks and I am going to be setting up lights for the most part as the budget does not allow for me to have grips on set. I am going to have access to a skypanel s60-c and I would like to have top lighting, in a goal post setup. I do not have much experience with this kind of setup and I want to make sure I do this properly and more importantly safely. I have 13ft of height to work with, and I am going to have a performer acting as a statue on a platform that's about 2 feet in height and the person on the platform is at most 6ft. I am lookin
  9. Excellent, thank you David, I will look into those.
  10. Hey everyone, just wanted to get experience anyone has with the pearlescent and glimmer glass filters. I'm looking for a softening filter, that reduces contrast, without the glow, pro mist look. Thanks, Eric
  11. Yea, thats what I was thinking as well. Thank you for the reply
  12. Hey everyone, I am looking to upgrade from my 5dmrk3. I am currently indecisive on whether I should go with the A73 or the new GH5s. The reasons I want to go with the a73 is that I won't have to change any of my lenses, aside from an adapter that I would have to get. This at the same time presents a possible problem in that, I will be using this camera on a gimbal from time to time, and I've read that most adapters don't support auto focus. The reason for going with the GH5s is the 10 bit 4:2:2 capture. My problem is that I don't know if the benefits of the GH5s are worth the trouble of sellin
  13. When I say the TV is the only light source of that side of the room, I mean its the only "practical" light that will be in the scene on that side of the room. As to whether I want the TV to actually expose the subject that will be sitting on the couch, in the shot provided above, that would depend on what is on the TV correct? If the TV is showing a movie that has a snowy daytime exterior, it would provide a lot more light than the TV showing a dark cave scene, or something like that.
  14. I am going to be shooting a music video this weekend and I am stuck on how to effectively shoot this scene. I am going to be doing a slow pull in during this shot. In the image above is how this shot will be framed. The TV in the corner will be on and it will be night. What I am asking is how I should go about this. I am not sure if I should have the TV on and expose around it, or if I should green screen the TV. If I did how would you guys go about to replicate the TV light, since this will be night and that the TV light will be the only source of light from that side of the room. My sec
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