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  1. Once again, thank you! So now the trick would be connecting it to a cable and power source. Is it as easy as just removing whatever the connection is on the external pack and replacing it with this one?
  2. Thanks so much! You wouldn't happen to know the part number for the clamp? I can't seem to find the right one. I'm very new to this
  3. Does anyone know what the external battery connector on the grey canon Scoopic is called or where I could find one? It has 4 pins but it's clearly not XLR
  4. I've been shooting on a K3 for the past year or so, and decided to pick up a Scoopic (Gray model). The camera definitely needs a CLA, but overall seems in decent condition. The main problem is power, which I understand is common with scoopics. It came with a battery and charger. The battery is charging now, though I'm assuming it will need to be recelled. I was curious as to what other options there are in terms of powering the camera. Specifically, I was wondering how simple it would be to make an external power source to connect to the four pin connector on the camera. I'm no electrical engineer, so I assume it would be more complicated than finding a 12V battery and soldering it to the proper cable. I've also seen some tutorials on making internal battery packs using 10 1.2V AA batteries, though they all seemed a little insecure to me. What goes into making an external power source for the camera, and what should I look for?
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