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    Commercial Point, OH
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    Mitchell Standard, Mitchell BNCR, Mitchell 16pro + blimp, Arri 2b+blimp, Arri 16S+blimp, Eclair 35mm Camerette, Konvas KSR 1M
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    Writer, Producer, Director, Editor (Moviola,Steenbeck,AVID, FCP,ProTools, Lightwave 3D), Videographer, Cinematographer. Retired. Hobby: Camera restoration/research.
  1. As per above/previous, I clipped out a short piece from a work file and compressed it to fast play to illustrate the "Chomsky" trickChromasky3.movas attached. ED.
  2. Easiest way to mask out sky is to shoot on one of those all blue "chromakey sky"days and simply move your keyed add-in video in your video editing program until it fits the original move. Tracking software can help if really complex. Years ago used a program using splines to create articulated mattes. That feature allowed one to replace just about anything in a scene (like logos) or put people into existing scenes. ED.
  3. I see that there are not any recent posts about these iconic cameras. I am a restorer/collector with a few of these cameras looking to gain more knowledge of them. Currently I have a set of videos in progress about some of my cameras posted on mitchellCamera.com in the "members articles" section. As a result of a research project, I have also published a series of Mitchell production charts on that site that give serial numbers of Standards, BNC' s and NC' s by year ends that may be of interest to some of you here. ED.
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