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  1. Open to offers on price! I can send pictures and videos of it running, just ask! Thanks.
  2. Can't seem to be able to upload any pictures- Any questions email me at willsimmons@btinternet.com and I will send over all pictures! Thanks Will!
  3. I am selling my AATON LTR 54, I have had it a couple years and love it very much, however am needing to sell. I am based in London. I will upload more pictures when post is online and can send more to anyone who is interested via email. Last Year I got a full camera service with Alan Giles. All mags tested, body, motor and battery re-celled. The camera runs very smoothly and is in very good condition, having been fully serviced last year.The camera is in two flight cases, one for camera, and an accessories case. -Camera body -3x 400ft mags - 3 12v batteries -wooden aaton handgrip -aaton leather barney -matte box -Short and extended eye piece. -Battery charger. -15mm rod extensions. + a lot of accessories that'll be shown in pictures!
  4. Hi James, are all your SR3 gone now? Many Thanks
  5. Hello, Is this sr3 still for sale? Many Thanks
  6. Hello, I know this may be a long shot, as I'm struggling to find a 16SR3 for sale in the UK, but I am looking for a good condition 16sr3 for sale preferably in the UK. With accessories, on board batteries, chargers, more than 1 film mag would be minimum depending on the price of the item. I'm planning on using the camera for a future project so would be great to hear back from people soon! I am also interested if the item is in other countries inside Europe, but due to shipping costs it would be easier if UK based. If people also know of a 416 for sale in the UK, that would also be interesting, depending on the price as I know the prices between a 16SR3 and 416 can be fairly large. Many Thanks Will
  7. Thank you all for your replies to my question. They have been a massive help and sorted my problem. Many thanks !!
  8. Hello, I am looking at buying a 16SR3 within the next two months and have read all the ARRI downloadable manuals and am stuck on which lens would be best for shooting with relatively low light conditions and still have a sharp image and some flare. What has confused me was that I was always interested in the T1.3 Zeiss Super Speeds, but i have been told that these wont work on this camera. But I thought the T1.4 was for 35mm and T1.3 was 16mm. What about the Zeiss CP2 T1.5 super speeds. One last thing is the Zeiss Ultra 16 lenses, I know they work best with the super 16 416 models, but can they also be used with a 16sr3 if converted to super 16. Thank You!!
  9. Thank you for your replies, very helpful advice! Bringing me closer to getting the right Bolex aha! Thank you again
  10. Hello, My email is willsimmons@btinternet.com ! Would be great to see some pictures and more info! Many thanks, William Simmons
  11. Hello, (A summary of my questions are bullet pointed below the first paragraph) I am looking at buying a Bolex with the purpose of doing a few short films and music videos over the next 12 months . This will also be the first 16mm film camera I own and I good starting point before I move on to a 16sr3 advanced. I have done my research on the camera and most answers say the SBM, EBM and Rex 4 and 5 models are the best to convert to super 16. However I feel I need to ask a more basic question on what people in this forum would suggest, as I can ask more direct questions and hopefully get more specific answers. I know the basic benefits of converting to Super 16, but I'm more interested in what bolex model people would suggest is the best for the job. I could spend between £1,200-£1,500 on the camera but obviously if a cheaper option is just as good that'd be fantastic. I have seen some super 16 SBM for around $2,999 so yes! So here are my questions in summary. -What is the best model in my price range to buy to convert to super 16? -This may sound stupid but I know the issues with the beamsplitter and the widening of the viewfinder with conversion, but can a PL mount be put on the camera without it having undergone the conversion, as have read and seen people putting Zeiss super speeds on these cameras. - If the new faceplate reads bolex H super 16, what bolex model was that before the conversion (again may sound stupid). I do have more questions on the topic, but once I get a reply I may ask more ahah. I am hoping to do a project in late June this year so If anyone has any information they might think is helpful that would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Will
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