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  1. Hello, I am in the market for a motorized K3. If you have one for sale please DM me. Thank you.
  2. I have 3x Kinor 35C 1000ft magazines for sale I also have 2x Kinor 35H 400ft magazines for sale Interested parties can contact me via my email address: glauber.lima@yandex.com Global shipping
  3. Greetings, I am looking to purchase a Krasnogorsk 3 with a motor. Please direct all responses to my inquiry to me via DM or my email address: glauber.lima@yandex.com Thank you
  4. I had an SCOOPIC MS, its the easiest 16mm I have ever used and the FIXED lens is nothing to get sad about since its awesome, you can even attach a wide angle attachment to get super wide shots, the wide angle attachment I used was not the OFFICIAL CANON SCOOPIC. It was a Century wide angle and it produced for me sharp wide angle shots. Anyway its a great camera that you could mount with a lot of filters. You can also take it to get modified to become crystal sync camera. You can't really shoot 400ft with it, yes there is a adapter but its RARE and despite the fact I have never used it, it would probably throw off the weight of the camera.. I love the K3 for what it does, its NOT a TOY, it is just barebones
  5. I am down to meet up. I several super 8 viewers and splicers should you want to edit anything you shoot manually and I have some projectors.
  6. Thank you so much its so cool to finally be in contact with people who own, shoot and operate arriflex cameras. @Satuski - your ARRI IIIC is marvelous. Such a cool camera. I will upload some pictures of my Arriflex cameras which I have yet to shoot on :( I need lenses and a better job :D but anyway Jorge Diaz- Amador's website is great as is Dom's ( i love your take downs, please make some videos ! ;D ) I would truly love it if any camera tech made like an in-depth tutorial on how to fully disassembly and take care of their Arriflex IIC. I wouldn't mind paying either for access to the videos. Perhaps that can be a thing ;P What are some or all the tools needed or tools one should have if they own and operate a camera, say specially an Arriflex IIC
  7. There used to be a big one in Bayside who knows what happened to that and by me there was one that specialized in hip hop and turntablism, now its a tattoo parlor. For a minute I remember by Katz Deli there was record shop that nothing but the choice hip hop records and other obscure records one would be interested in for sampling, i didn't catch the name of the shop but its by Rosario's pizza over there in the LES by Katz... Bleecker Bobs by West 4th/ Academy Records by Union Square. Barnes and Noble 5th ave sells new vinyl
  8. I have a ton of interesting locations in mind for my test shoot with 35mm, if I can get my cameras up and running. In the meantime I will shoot some scouting photos with hopefully some CineStill film to give myself an idea I can cook up. I hope to shoot in the summer. I am always finding great locations here, I can't wait to get my IIC up and running !
  9. also a movie that is A FEAST FOR THE EYES and EARS is Under The Cherry Moon which makes a great double bill with Veronica Voss ( BOTH Black and White and I believe shot by maestro Ballhaus )
  10. one of my most beloved cinematographers! His work with Scorsese we all know and love but I would URGE all of you to check out his work with Fassbinder, who is probably one of the best filmmakers EVER!
  11. Lost City of Z is the best looking movie I have seen this year. its a masterpiece
  12. are there any NIKON TO BNCR mount lenses that allow the use of STILL lenses with the BNCR mount or is this just wishful thinking on my end?
  13. Since we are in the "Digital Age" is there a list of active technicians that service or CLA Arriflex cameras like the IIB/C and BL 3/4 ? I myself own an ARRIFLEX IIC. I was wondering what type of screws can be used to screw in the motor. I have a few motors but I am missing a set of 4 screws to mount the pistol grip, I do have a few different types of motors but would like to know if there is a screw type that I used to mount one of my pistols grips.
  14. yes this common at the start and ends of films especially 100ft rolls which are sometimes loaded in subdued light or daylight which is totally O.K
  15. I use the K3 and it works quite well. The standard zoom lens is SHARP, I always use the yellow filter that comes with the set but trust me K3 is a nice camera especially considering its price. The camera is robust. I myself enjoy REGULAR 16MM so I have no problem with the aspect ratio. Projection is key for me with regards to Super 8mm and 16mm so I am not the least bit concerned with transfers/scans. I prefer the K3 for on the fly grabs and city capturing.
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