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  1. Jurgen, I am sorry I missed out on the Kickstarter funding. I was a little late to the scene. I will be signing up for the 2 year subscription though. Thanks for doing this! Robert
  2. ha, thanks, I know where to get some but I just didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it to not work, but I shall just let common sense prevail next time :-)
  3. Yes sir, I did read it. I guess I wasnt sure about the sound part. I don't mean to be naive or uninformed but I wasn't sure how the sound would be affected in the process. I am assuming that since it is a magnetic strip that the image processing will have no effect on it, but I am just not 100% sure. Thanks John, I already have them bookmarked in my browser!
  4. Happy Fathers Day! I have a Canon AF514XL-S and I have a Canon PS-1000 projector from a family member. SO, as long as I don't mind processing Ektachrome Type A 160 with sound in black and white, it should still record and play sound with these two devices, correct? Can it be as simple as that or am I simplifying this too much, ha? Thanks and I enjoy reading this forum!
  5. Hello Bill! I was wondering that after all this time you might still have an interval timer E you are wanting /willing to part ways with? Masked on your Flickr if you still had one. That's me! Thanks, Robert
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