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  1. Hi Lorenzo, I believe you mentioned in another thread that you bought a camera from the Kamera Doctor? Could you please share yor experience and tell us about the camera you purchased? Is it running without problems etc? Many thanks!
  2. There is lots of Super 8 footage being shot for fashion adverts and promos. I've seen quite a few on Instagram, they love that Super 8 look. It would be interesting to hear from a big lab how much Super 8 footage they handle. You may be surprised.
  3. So the price for the Rockhopper has doubled in only a few months. Earlier in the year I had a reply from Logmar telling me it would cost at around 25k Euro.
  4. Alberto Mielgo has created "Jibaro", an episode in the 3rd anthology series 'Love,Death and Robots' on Netflix. It is absolutely breattaking. The CG imagery is utterly believable because it is an interpretation of realism rather than trying to completly mimic it and thus avoids the uncanny valley. The sound design is amazing but even better is the camera work. There are some shots here where I've been asking myself if they could be done in Live Action, especially the fast push-ins towards a figure. Could one do this without undercranking? If you've got Netflix, watch it. For me, Alberto's episode stands out from all the others. I knew Alberto when he was a fledgling animator. He made this film by working with remote talent from around the planet, which is incredible. Alberto won an Oscar this year for 'The Windshield Wiper' but 'Jibaro' tops that. Below is a short clip I found on Youtube: Edit: I should add that Alberto not only directed but also designed the film and the characters and wrote the story.
  5. Looking for a Tobin TXM-22A or other crystal sync motor for my Arriflex 16 S/B. Tricky to find, maybe someone here has one for sale? Thank you!
  6. 90% of the film was shot with no additional lighting. I did use one Aputure 600 for filming the sports bits in the dome. I just pointed it upwards into the white ceiling. There are a couple of shots of a chef in a kitchen where the existing light was perfect. My favorite shots. Hahaha, yes, quite right. That's what I like about shooting film though. You've got to have a plan.
  7. Yes, and he was great to meet. Such a nice man.
  8. Thank you Charles! I’m sure it is much appreciated.
  9. Thank you Charles, James and Tyler for your kind words. Hi Tyler, I didn't design the graphics, the logo was given to me by the charity. A friend of mine surprised me by animating it 2D, as a contribution for free. A 3D rendering would have been nice but he film didn't cost the charity anything and it is as far as I could take it. Good idea about the bug, I might still add it. I worked mostly with a 25mm and a 85mm CP.3 and occassionally with the 15.5-45mm LWZ2. At each location I would find a good angle, shoot 5 seconds worth of frames and walk to the next angle, shoot another five seconds and move on. It was always tempting to shoot more and sometimes I did (I shot way too much of the older people's christmas lunch). The voice over script kept being revised but I knew roughly what I needed for each section and it was never more than a few shots.
  10. Charity film for the Queen‘s Crescent Community Association, narrated by Sir Michael Palin. I volunteered to make this to give back to the community. Shot during winter months on 35mm 500T with available light only, no crew, just me and my Arriflex 235 and Arricam LT, mostly hand-held. I did have help from a sound recordist for the bits with Michael Palin. The biggest challenge shooting on film was to limit yourself to five or six angles for each event and stick to it, especially since there wasn't a fixed plan. I'm not a documentary filmmaker and making this I've learned to appreciate how difficult a genre it can be.
  11. Well, just don't "manipulate" and all the wonderful characteristics of 35mm are back. I shoot both Super 16 and 35 and much prefer the latter. There are lots of great examples out there, I'm sure you have seen them, Tyler. 16mm is cheaper, that is a big advantage but not enough to write off 35mm, surely.
  12. That's like limiting yourself to thinking that it's either impressionist painting or neo-classicist epic canvasses. Anything inbetween is stuck in the middle, not offering the best of neither world, which is, of course, nonsense.
  13. Gecko Cam sell a range of zoom levers https://www.gecko-cam.com/lens-accessories/#zoom-levers
  14. It took a while but I just saw the film. Very entertaining but it didn't convince me that it was worth remaking. There was a dutch angle at the beginning that lingered too long, the only one in the film, and I still wonder why. The superfluous amount of flares (Maria's bedroom and kitchen?) were a bit of an eye roller. Other than that I enjoyed it, beautifully shot and lit.
  15. Since last year Digital Orchard and Kodak here in London UK also offer Super 8 scanning at the same price or cheaper than most of those companies, using top notch technology. https://digitalorchardgroup.com/home/film/ They are excellent and highly recommended.
  16. Hm, some of the pics flopped sideways. Happy to send more images to interested buyers. 🙂
  17. Sachtler Video 90 flat base. In excellent condition. It is a heavy beast, weighing 15kg. Load capacity from 0 - 115 kg for heavy setups. Fluid damping with 7 levels of drag and one neutral, vertical and horizontal. 24 step counterbalancing. Sliding wedge plate, long extendable pan bar and short handle bar. The tripod pictured is NOT included. The photo with the Arricam LT camera set-up is for illustration purposes only. I bought it as a demo model and used it on one short film shoot. Since I generally don't work with very heavy camera set-ups, it is not getting used and it's time to sell it. It's been kept dust free and is in perfect working condition. The Sachtler Video 90 is located in London UK and I will add VAT to the £3500 for a UK buyer. Happy to ship it internationally at buyer's expense and without guarantee. Please send me a PM with any questions.
  18. You can't control natural condensation/fogging. This is a job for a special effects/props person.
  19. When I visited Georg Bogner in Munich a month ago, he had just finished converting an SR to Super 16. He is not expensive either, well worth doing. He's one of the finest Arri technicians not at Arri when it comes to analog cameras. Georg is the inventor of the "180degree mirror method" http://www.cameraservice-bogner.de/album_5-2-3_004.htm
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