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  1. Update: The camera still hasn't arrived, it is stuck in Germany. Since the UK left the EU, sending goods can become problematic in certain cases. As agreed with the seller, I organized the pick up via a UK courier provider from a EU country to be sent to the UK. The paperwork the courier company supplied from the UK does not suffice since customs rules changed. Certain new mandatory papers are missing but nobody can tell me who is supposed to supply them, only that I can't. I'm curious to see how much worse the red tape will get once the new customs rules come into full force come January 2022. Only a year ago the camera would have been here the next day. I am hopeful that this can be resolved soon and when the "alte Mühle" (old mill) finally arrives, I will post more photos and info.
  2. Have you uploaded the scan file of your film as you've received it from the lab? It looks like you filmed it off a monitor or projected onto a wall. Very odd.
  3. Hi Ezra, this is an ARRI made Super 16 ST. I'm not sure to what length they went to achieve this but I presume it must have been more than a conversion since they have their own serial numbers.
  4. According to IMDb you are right. Shot on Agfa.
  5. That's what I think they must have done. I'm also curious to see what they did with the mirror.
  6. It's a turret with a bayonet mount and 2 Standard mounts.
  7. I passed on the "beast", the BL is just too heavy to carry around. I bought the Super 16 ST instead. Anyone interested in the Super 16 BL, I can put you in touch with the man who is selling his. It is in incredible condition and looks almost new.
  8. Thank you for the link, Duncan. You're probably right, I'm curious about the timeline. Arri built the first SR cameras in 1975 so I would think that those BL and ST Super 16 versions must have been made early 70s. I can't find anything online, except there was a thread on this forum about the existence of Super 16 BLs straight from Arri:
  9. Not with the 400ft mag, no way. Just a 100ft daylight spool and a few spares in the bag.
  10. A few weeks ago I got in touch with an 88 year old German cinematographer who ran a one man laboratory for 16mm film. He told me he had and Arriflex BL Super 16 which is not a third party conversion but was produced by Arri in the late sixties. The format wasn't very popular at that time and Arri only made about 25 of them. The BL cameras are heavy beasts and since I've been looking for a Super 16 camera that you can carry around with you on walks, I figured that maybe Arri also made an Arriflex ST Super 16 version. And guess what, they did. Again, only about 25 were made. I contacted one of the old Arri technicians and he confirmed the location of one of those cameras. It is on its way to me and as soon as it arrives I will update this post for anyone who is interested. Below a photo of the old beauty, you can see the serial number 25.
  11. Does the Zeiss distagon 12mm 1:1,2 arri B mount for 16mm cameras cover Super 16? Any advice most welcome.
  12. Shows like 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends' are currently streaming on Netflix here in the UK and show a lovely grainy texture. I believe both were shot on 35mm 3perf, 200 Tungsten. The image of the graveyard is from a short film I shot on 35mm 3perf 200 T and it is less "grainy", shot on Vision 3 stock. I kind of like the heavier texture of the TV shows, I have to admit.
  13. I just move the turret lever out of the way 😉😃
  14. Thank you Aaron. It turns out that the problem was with the power supply. I hooked the camera up with a 12Volt battery instead of 8Volt and it is now running fine and at speed. The new motor must be a 12 Volt version which I wasn't aware of.
  15. I've just recently shot this to test a 1965 non-reflex Bolex H16 S-4 (I'm the member Simon mentioned) and a Kern-Paillard 25mm lens. I actually much prefer the non-reflex to the Rex 1 I have. Most of it was shot by guessing the distance and exposure. For close ups and some low light situations I used the critical focus finder.
  16. I shot a 100ft roll of film last week when the camera was working fine. Now when I switch it on, the camera won't run and the motor only stutters slowly forward (see video). I've got a brand-new 8.4 Volt power supply from Hawk_Woods, so that can't be the problem. It happens with the like-new 24fps motor as well as with the variable speed motor. So it shouldn't be a problem with the motors either. I reset the buckle switch and the override, still, no luck. Has anyone come across this before? Any advice? Thank you in advance. IMG_1833.MOV
  17. There were complaints that working hours were too long on this set but there was still time to fire real bullets into a target after hours? And then they just left a loaded gun lying around? The mind boggles.
  18. But why would you use real bullets for that? Hmm, I'm always a bit skeptical when I read about actor's producing titles. Often that is in name only and the real producing work is done by a line producer. But who knows, this is all speculation. I'm just astounded that real bullets were on a set for no apparent reason.
  19. Why would there be any live rounds in that gun in the first place? Someone loaded real bullets into a prop gun and laid it out on a props trolley? Why have live bullets on a movie set in the first place?
  20. Ah, I just figured it out. Allows you to switch between f and T stop. Not sure about the three other silver buttons though.
  21. I've just got three Schneider-Kreuznach Lenses that sport these odd silver buttons on the aperture ring and also the one in the red circle that is on the fixed barrel of the lens. Could someone please enlighten me what they are for? Especially curious about the one in the red circle. Thank you!
  22. There's one here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284482371660?hash=item423c78804c:g:C4oAAOSwfAtgnWqg
  23. I've been ringing that number many times over the past few weeks but only get an answer machine and no call back. No answer to my emails either. Hope he is okay.
  24. Hi Doug, the footage before stabilisation is extremely jittery and jumpy. Maybe I'll post a "Before" version when I get a minute.
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