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  1. Quite a few DPs I talk to usually say that they would love to shoot on film but they rarely get the chance. The other day I talked to a guy who works in commercials and he said for a lot of clients the buzz word is "resolution" and they would never ever consider analog film. Then there are those guys working in corporate or documentary who absolutely hate the idea of film simply because it would make their job much more difficult. So much so that I had one person get seriously angry when I mentioned analog film. True story. This was not Robin, by the way. Although he is usually the first one to predict the death of film every time this subject comes up on this forum. Without fail 😉 As long as film manufacturers can make a profit, there will be film available. It's that simple.
  2. I have a suspicion that he has a deal with ARRI who are not interested at all in keeping analog film making alive. I've seen him promoting their digital products on the ARRI channel.
  3. Meaning that you would rotate the image in post?
  4. I don't quite get the logic. When you mount an anamorphic lens to a camera, the angle of the camera doesn't make any difference to the squeeze of the image. All you would get from turning the camera sideways is a sideways view squeezed.
  5. When I bought it directly from Arri in 2018 I asked them if they wouldn't mind fitting an FEM-2 and they agreed. It came with the viewfinder as is. This was the last analog camera they sold as far as I know. Happy to have this Frankensteined 435.
  6. In the end I bought the 435 Advanced 3perf and Arri fitted an Fem-2 which makes it a sort of Xtreme 😉
  7. This would of course be preferable. Hopefully Aapo is right.
  8. You can get that streak effect by using a time shift accessory on an Arriflex 435 Xtreme, for example. "The Time Shifting Box is 435 Xtreme compatible accessory that alters the phase relationship of the mirror shutter to the movement, so that the film is exposed while being transported. Creating vertical streaking effects that can be adjusted from very faint to very strong, and the amount of jitter, a random fluctuation in the strength of the effect, can also be set to various degrees." Phil is correct, your camera shutter and/or movement needs fixing.
  9. I've shot a lot of Vision 3 from Silbersalz and got great results. Highly recommended. It might be an idea to check if they accept negatives that weren't provided by them first before sending anything in though.
  10. Instead of lugging around a heavy lens flight case that takes up a lot of space, I am looking for a lens pouch for a zoom like the Zeiss LWZ. Something well padded and portable. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    I've read somewhere that Kinoton projectors can run 3perf.
  12. The choice of words that are thoughtless is Daniel saying that "blacks and homosexuals are being rammed down our throat on TV". I'm sure you agree that this is not a fact.
  13. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    One day I might do that. I wonder how easy it will be to find a 35mm projector in 20 years time? If I had the space, I'd get a projector myself.Time to move out of London into a house with a big enough basement 😉
  14. What do you mean "pushed down everyone's throat'? Because you don't want to see 'blacks' and homosexuals'? We're a long way from acceptance and equality if people are bothered by this.
  15. The same old fears and paranoia and people feeling hard done by, looking to blame somebody. No wonder populists everywhere are having a field day. The Daily Mail, or "Daily Heil", is a Tory rag known for publishing sensationalist scare stories. And sadly more and more people everywhere are keen to lap them up.
  16. Sandra, the shots in Coppola's Dracula offended you at first and you were only able to see the "dramturgical" merits after you read what Coppola intended? That is either terrible movie making or you have difficulties experiencing those merits. If it is the latter, I think you are right to ask questions. Yet, while you are happy to accept Coppola's explanation, you somehow won't accept what the creatives involved in this show have told you. That is a little odd.
  17. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    All your kind comments are appreciated this Monday morning. Made me laugh too. 🙂
  18. Uli Meyer

    35mm Home Movie

    Since it might take a while until I can get a film project started, I wanted to use up some of the stock that's been sitting in my fridge for too long. When the lockdown restrictions here in London eased up a little in June, I took my Arriflex 235 3perf to Hampstead Heath and surroundings and shot a home movie of my wife and son. A couple of rolls of Vision 3 50D and 200T and when the Kodak lab opened again last week I finally got it developed and graded the footage in Premier with the basic tools. Most of it was shot with a Zeiss CP.3 25mm and a few bits with an Arri Alura 15.5-45mm zoom. I wonder if anyone can tell which is which. I am aware that a home movie is only exciting for the parents and family but I thought some of you might enjoy looking at a bit of analogue footage.
  19. I just looked at it on a monitor and you can see a slight shift in the foliage as the dissolve happens (as much as you can tell looking at a Youtube video). In which case it is a straight forward dissolve. Hardly any movement in the background makes that possible.
  20. He fades away as he is over a shadowy part of the background where there isn't much of a light change. I can imagine that they quickly shot a second "clean" pass and then used a blurred junk matte in optical post to cut out the character.
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