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  1. Thank you very much for the feedback! It is for experimenting, and you feedback and suggestions will be taken into consideration in those!
  2. Hi, I want to experiment with an old Super 8mm camera I have. I am looking at a cassette of expired Svema Super 8mm B&W Reversal OCh-50 film on eBay that is fairly priced. Now, I know my camera might not capture anything or that even the expired film won't capture anything neither. But, given the opportunity, would this type of cassette/cartridge fit and potentially work with my Hanimex Loadmatic M200? Thanks for the help
  3. Hi! My grandparents gave me a couple of years ago a screen and a box filled with super 8mm films, a projector and a camera. The camera is an Hanimax Loadmatic M200. There's a company in Canada (Niagara Custom Labs) that sells some super 8 cartridge. I will be buying a Black & White Reversal Kodak Tri-X 200D cartridge to give it a test run. The mechanism seems in perfect working order (I've put battery in it and pressed the trigger and everything started rolling). My question is the following: Will my camera be able to handle the cartridge with the modern rating? In other words: will the Black & White Reversal Kodak Tri-X 200D cartridge work with my Hanimax Loadmatic M200? Thanks for your time, JS
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