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  1. Todd, I do, if you read the listing, i said to message me if you are interested in cameras. It is hard for me to respond on forums, so I have been having people message me. Cameras that have been sold NPR, ARRI 16 M Scoopic 16 (MS and M still available) Bolex h16 supreme ACL Cameras that are additionally up for sale Arri SR2 , T-bar, regular 16, 2 mags, on board batteries Arri SR2, T-bar, Color video tap standard, Regular 16, 2 mags, On board batteries Cameras still available from listing 16BL'S Bolex h16 m5 Scoopic M / MS SR1 Arri 16S Yes I have two Arri SR2's additional for sale. ONCE AGAIN. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, YOU HAVE TO SEND ME A MESSAGE. IT IS HARD FOR ME TO RESPOND TO COMMENTS, MUCH EASIER TO KEEP TRACK OF COMMUNICATIONS ON THE MESSAGE CENTER. ADDITIONAL PICTURES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST ALL PAYMENTS ARE THROUGH PAYPAL ONLY, GOODS AND SERVICES, PRIORITY SHIPPING. ALL CAMERA'S WILL COME WITH 100FT OR 400FT FILM ROLLS TO GET YOU STARTED. ADDITIONAL DETAILS AVAILABLE UPON MESSAGE. IF YOU HAVE MESSAGED ME AND HAVE NOT HEARD BACK, PLEASE SEND ME ANOTHER MESSAGE, I HAVE GOTTEN MANY MANY MESSAGES ABOUT CAMERAS. AGAIN, PLEASE MESSAGE ME. It is easier for me to keep track of communications, along with people who are genuine and real buyers. I have had many tire-kickers. Read the original listing, Hope this is understandable, and makes sense.
  2. Robert Thank you for the replies. I ultimately figured out the problem, well problems. First one was that there was chipped pieces of film within the magazines. Secondly, the film had shrunk some, and lastly, I managed once or twice to slip the film on the wrong side of the gearing in the magazines, causing it to get taught and rip. It was user error. I sacrificed a vision 2 roll, and ran it through about 30 times in all magazines (all 6), and it worked just fine on both cameras. The tensioners/clutches from when I took it apart, The tensions were all good, however I did have to lubricate the sprocket shaft on one magazine, as you mentioned the grub screw to take it off the shaft, this had dried up grease that was all gummed up. Either way, I managed to fix the problems, for now. I've seemed to not have much luck with any BL's I've owned, they seem to be very needy! (I say that as the handle trigger on one no longer works randomly... runs once power is plugged in... >.<)
  3. AZ Spectrum has done some wonderful work for me in the past. What an electronic wizard!
  4. Carl, the variable speed motors work at 8V. I would say that you are losing voltage inside, it happens to my Arri 16 M . (If I put 8v in, only 5v shows at the motor.) Or maybe even a bad ground connection to the motor? I would suggest sending it in for servicing, as you don't want to pump too much power through it and then damage the electronics and everything. Or maybe something on the inside is super dirty/old grease that needs to be cleaned and re-lubricated?
  5. Hi there, Please read this thoroughly. Gauging interest in the sale of my entire 16mm cine collection. Full disclosure - I am on the fence about selling these, some of them need work, some work I have done myself, other stuff is beyond my abilities for servicing. I am gauging interest and seeking offers. I would trade everything for a classic VW Bus that needs work (1970s westie or conversion preferred, not automatic, and no I won't trade it for the one thats been sitting in the field for 45 years and hasn't moved once) Moral of the story is, I'm out of college, I'm working more, I have less time to shoot on film than I would like, but I've gained an interest on working on my jeep and other vehicles more and more. I am a hobbiest, and not a professional. This is why I am open to offers after you have seen the condition of the units themselves. Many issues that I posted on the forums ultimately resulted from user error. (I have never been taught, just self taught.) Anything marked with an " * " , I would recommend servicing before use. Many come with accessories, and extras, such as batteries , chargers, etc. Please contact me about each unit, and I will tell you specifics on what I see as a user. Please see google drive link for pictures of each unit, and the condition. I am accepting offers on all units, please message me to start a conversation if you are interested. Willing to sell all for bulk buyer. USA ONLY PLEASE. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TvcpLjQ8VMbB4pgURjIwrRPNLjxA1pXm?usp=sharing Arriflex 16 M* - Serial Number 097! Low! - Runs with motor @12V, but needs a helping hand at 8V. Arriflex 16 S - 2 torque motors, 4 magazines, runs just fine with 8V (Shot w film). Arriflex 16BL - Stock motor - 2 mags, 12-120, cables, etc. (Serviced 2012). (Shot w film) Arriflex 16BL - Tobin Motor - 2 mags, 12-120, cables, etc (Serviced 2019). (Shot w film) Arriflex SR1* - 2 mags, cables, video tap, 3 onboard batteries re-celled 2020. (Shot w film, not yet developed) Eclair NPR - Variable speed motor, video tap, - FPS indicator does not function. Bolex H16 M5 - 400ft mag, torque motor and all additional motor electronics to function. (Shot w film) Canon Scoopic 16 M - Runs, auto exposure slow Canon Scoopic 16 MS* - Power to motor, motor does not function currently. Auto Exposure very snappy. Comes with RARE 400ft adapter for 400ft magazines, Motor works when triggered in magazine, with original manuals, etc. Once again, please message me on the forum message boards for more information and communication about these cameras.
  6. www.SealconUSA.com Part numbers for mini jaeger connectors male and female. SJ533800006 SJ533811006
  7. I've recently inquired about those Jaeger connectors from the only supplier I could find in the US. They are extremely expensive (55-75$ each)... I ended up swapping out for mini XLR / XLR connectors.
  8. Visual Products is a GEM ! The other major seller/repairer of equipment has always given me the cold shoulder even when looking to purchase expensive (to me) equipment, or inquire about repairs (I'd get the answer of, "send it in and we will bill you *hangs up phone*", or "Email us to purchase (emailed) no response.. --).. Maybe since I'm lower budget (3k or less annually for equipment/repairs), I don't get a priority there. Visual products has always given me their full attention, very honest, and do great work. I've had many repairs done by them, along with accessories purchased from them, and I'm always treated the way you would expect to be from someone who values your business. If you were planning on buying a camera from one of the major companies, I would pay the extra few dollars and get one from visual products hands down. But this is just my personal experience as a hobbiest and not a studio/production. I think that either way you go, you will get a quality camera that has been serviced, and I've learned after my short 5 years in collecting/using 8/16mm gear, is that it pays to get something in great condition with known service history. When things haven't been serviced and maintained/ stored properly, you end up paying for more on repairs/servicing / loss of work due to down equipment, and just pay more than the camera would be worth after having an overhaul.
  9. Well, I found out they are Jaeger connectors, which no one in the USA supplies.. and they're like 50$ each. Wow. Going to convert to mini XLR, no big deal. Still need to know what the switch is for on the top of my motor, I can't figure it out as it doesn't do anything. I tried to trace the wiring inside, but theres almost no slack in there to move things around to see whats going where. (Doesn't help that every wire is white!)
  10. Hi. On my eclair npr (says eclair 16 II on the mags?) I need help identifying a connector, along with a switch on the motor. first of all, which connector name is this for the male on my handle trigger? secondly, what is the purpose of the switch on this motor? It seems to do nothing.. (but I’m unsure..) FPS counter is inoperative, but too complex for me to attempt repair.
  11. Hi. My 16M when run at 8.4V with a constant speed motor only spins at around 18FPS, and sometimes will drop to 10-12. (Batteries new and good, cables new) 8.4V supply only meters 4/5 Volts at the motor... When run at 12V with a constant speed motor, it spins at 24FPS. When an empty magazine is applied, it only spins at 22FPS. But with 12V supplied, it meters right around 8V at the motor. Does the 16M take 12V? Serial number 097. (Early!!) I read they are suppose to take 8V.. Do I have a bad grounding where I'm losing voltage? (motor->casing?) Motors are both good, tested on my arri 16S with zero problems. See this video here!
  12. @Dom Jaeger , @Tyler Purcell , @Simon Wyss Okay so I've disassembled a magazine, lubricated, and rebuilt it. (Used other 3 magazines as a reference to be 100% sure everything is installed properly/correctly). Problem still occurs. Tried different film stock. Tried different cores.. Still doing the same thing. What the heck! I cannot figure this out. I've taken a video to explain/show what's happening. Maybe this representation will explain it better? I start talking at 1 minute, I also don't know every terminology as I'm someone with no education in this field but a large hobbyist. See this here : My main problem is with the film, obviously creating its own path into the sprockets. This happens with all four magazines I have. I feel as if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm almost positive I'm not. The only other side problem I've noted in the video is of my arri 16bl with stock motor- the large gear with the clutch assembly behind it, the screw won't unscrew/tighten completely, probably is the cause of the louder noise compared to my 16BL with tobin. Any idea here? Also see my new post for a problem I have with my 16M. (Much simpler fix/explanation, just need quick advice!)
  13. Thanks for the reply @Dom Jaeger Both camera's were making the noise before just removing them from the housing/casing. (second camera, TXM-15, I only took front mount/motor cover off to view gearing internally to check if something was stripped). One magazine I just now took completely apart. It definitely free'd up and spins much more easily. (This was the one that had film stuck within it, and the throat had chips of film as expected from old film being used as a tester) All other magazines move very easily by hand. Noted that the take up side is slightly tighter than the starting reel side on all magazines. (Normal?) Inching knob works just fine in both cameras, frame rate with an empty magazine hovers at 24FPS as needed. Both cameras sound perfectly fine when running with no film loaded. (The NON-Tobin/ standard arri 16bl/one i took apart and re-assembled is a little louder than the other in terms of general sound created, but not by much, but definitely slightly louder.) However, it does seem to continue to have the same issue on both cameras. (FPS drops down to 18-22 when film is loaded, remains 24FPS with no film within the magazine) By the film not lining up with the sprockets, I am saying that when threading the film through the magazine, obviously the spindle has sprockets on it, and these start to line up normally with the perforations on the film, but then after about 10 feet of film has been run through, they are no longer lining up. In a sense of the sprockets of the magazine are now creating their own sprocket holes about anywhere from 0.5 - 1.0mm to the side of where the perforations on the film are. After an additional 5-10 feet of film has been through, they line back up as normal again. Cycle may repeat, or line up perfectly for the duration of the remaining film. I find it odd that both cameras are doing this, and both have the issue at the same exact time. Both have been stored in their cases in a bedroom, (old new england home, so more temperature changes than a modern home) I cannot tell if this would be a magazine or an internal problem, I am quite stumped, as the magazines move freely on their own (Excluding the sprocket hole dilemma which I once again don't understand), the cameras run at 24FPS constant with no magazine, will run at 24fps with an empty magazine... So if my logic is right here, its a magazine issue i would assume, but on all 4 at the same time...? Seems odd..
  14. Dom, Neither camera has done this before. Both recently serviced within the last 2 years. (Very light use since) They do not make the noise when no mag is on the camera. They sound normal when running with no mag. I have very good batteries, so this is not an issue. (12V 9amp new). One BL is stock, the other has a tobin system (I believe the TX-15 with variable speeds 1-50fps) Occasionally, the noise will happen with no film in the camera or mag, but 9 times out of 10, they make noise with film threaded through. I've taken apart the mags to see if there is any emulsion, film chips, etc and nothing seems clogged. One magazine is completely stuck due to film getting stuck internally. I have noticed however, the film doesn't line up with the sprocket holes until about 10 feet is threaded through, and then will line up just fine for about 10-15 feet, then go back to not lining up. I'm thinking the magazines need to be serviced as Tyler had mentioned above? Is this something you are familiar with/something I can tackle myself? (I'm confident enough to take an entire BL out of the casing to check for obvious signs.. Unsure on how to tackle the mags in terms of servicing. @Dom Jaeger I'm not able to send in for servicing mags/cameras for a while as I just got my SR1 repaired, so that budget has been spent for a while. (Plus most places I've inquired about my SR1 are about 2-3 months behind on work, luckily someone got me in earlier)
  15. Tyler- Are you talking the movement in the camera or the movement in the magazine ? Thanks!
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