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  1. Hi friends. In the market for an SR1, or SRII . Would love a super16 converted, but lets be real my wallet isn't that big. But let me know what you guys have / what you are asking for and if you'd entertain trades.
  2. Do you have/know of any diagrams on the disassembly of this camera? Id be able to diagnose a burnt or melted part assuming I can gain access to the areas... Ive never worked on these cine cameras before so I dont want to just start taking things apart, especially in the blimp. Also, it says a 5amp fuse, which Id assume is a DC fuse, but I can only find 5amp 250V rather than 5amp 12V fuses... any source?
  3. Here are some pictures, biggest they will let me upload... full pictures on this imgur .. https://imgur.com/a/fir2mRy
  4. Hi friends. I have an Arriflex 16BL with tobin TXM-15 sync that I tried to use today. Its worked many a times before in the past. Today I hit the button to shoot; and nothing happens. What the hell? I take the mag off to see if it was jammed or something; and more smoke than cheech and Chongs car came wafting out of the gear area. Gosh darn it. I take the motor housing off and I see this- 5amp blown fuse. Okay but where was the smoke coming from?? My inching knob is broken as well. Any suggestions? I have all the pieces. The motor still turns by hand, have yet to get the replacement DC fuse. Questions now 1. The motor shows 9,5V motor. I have a 12v 7.5mah battery. Direct leads to a power cable, to Tobin system. Am I over-powering the camera with this battery? Or does the tobin system have some sort of conversion from 12v to 9.5v for the motor? 2. What do you think was the cause of the smoking? Upon inspection of what I could disassemble, I see no melted resistors or plastic or wires, etc. see pictures. 3. Suggestions on replacement of the inching knob? **** pictures to come****
  5. I've taken a look at these, and even with the german manuals and things I am still un-able to get the motor to run. Not too sure if I'm doing something wrong, and if that motor is replaceable or not?
  6. Hey guys, I just picked up a Bolex 16 pro and it doesn't seem to want to feed the film through the camera. I know its an auto-load feature, but it seems like the motor is not running when I turn on the system. Is there another switch or something? Is the motor dead, or possibly just stuck from not being used in probably 10-20 years? Thanks for any information you have!!
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