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  1. Thanks Phil - should I be looking for a 24V to 14.8V converter? Not sure if a solution exists that also goes from 3-pin to 4-pin XLR...
  2. Hi all - I've got a big block battery which I was hoping to use to power some portable 1x1 LED panels for location shoots with no mains power. Problem is, the battery has a 3-pin XLR output and the panels I'm looking at have a 4-pin XLR input. I have 2 queries: 1. Can I use some kind of 3-pin XLR to 4-pin XLR adapter / cable to connect the battery and the LED panel? I've seen a few around online but not sure if they're suitable for taking battery power (see Dedolight DEA423 3-pin to 4-pin XLR). I'm also a bit wary about pin polarity etc going from 3-pins to 4-pins... Not sure if th
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